Friday, November 7, 2014


Thanksgiving this year will come early to the Housley family.  My sister and her family are headed to Reno for the holiday.  But we have Thanksgiving birthdays (Kristin and Curt) to celebrate, so we shall do so on the Sunday before.

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday.  It is not heavily commercialized in comparison to others in the 'holiday season'.  It is not strongly driven by religion.  I like the idea of being thankful just because I am thankful.  For the people in my life.   For the blessings I have.  For the comfortable lifestyle we enjoy.

Oh, and there's the Thanksgiving dinner.  Perhaps Thanksgiving rates high in my book because I totally love the meal I make each year.  And the cakes the girls decorate for Curt and Kristin's birthdays.  Thinking of the cakes sent me down a path of reminiscing, so I put together pictures of Thanksgivings past.  

Happy Thanksgiving.  Gobble till you wobble!

Halloween 2014

It was a different Halloween for us.  We usually get Jenna and Valerie together to Trick or Treat.  But it has proven more difficult since they moved clear across town.  To drive to their house requires a passport (well practically.....) and it's so difficult to remember to take them with us.

So Jenna invited a couple of friends from school up to hit our 'hood.  Jenna, Allie and Amy had a great time making the rounds. 

The chainsaw dude is a neighbor across the street.  He was having a blast scaring the 'bigger kids'.  He was kind to those the age of our group and younger, but I observed him sending a group of teen-aged girls a running and squealing down the street as he buzzed his chainsaw and gave a wicked laugh!

Even though we didn't actually get to see Amanda or Valerie in their costumes, I required that Aunt Shaw get a picture.  So I added them to the collage below.