Saturday, October 11, 2014

Idaho! Idaho! Go, Go GO!

At the end of September, we made our annual trip north to watch an Idaho Vandals football game and visit the Yenney and Johnson families.  Valerie joined us this year. 

We arrived Friday night and stayed with the Yenneys.  Saturday morning we set out and about.  We stopped by Laurie Chamberlain's house and visited for a few short minutes.  Then we met Tim and Bebe Dodds and Beth and Tim Bosio at Taco Time for lunch. 

It was Father's Weekend at the UI, so Tim and Bebe were off after lunch to hang out with their daughter Katy.  She is a part-time bartender at the Corner Club.  Handy to have friends in low high places! 

We stopped at the bookstore and updated our Vandal gear, then headed up to the dome.  I dropped Curt and the girls by the dome and went to park the rig.  Then I walked, and walked, and walked, and walked up to the game.  The game was not good (at the moment, none of their games are....) but the company was fabulous.  The girls did well, for a long, boring football game.

We headed back to Troy where we held our annual birthday party for Mickey, Shelley and Mary.  (All of our birthdays are within a couple weeks of each other.)  Then all too soon, it was Sunday morning and time to hit the road home again. 

1.  Valerie, Shelley, Beth, and Jenna. 
2.  A mysterious creature we saw in the parking lot that was friendly and willing to have it's picture taken with the JV Team. 
3.  Family Housley all decked out in their Vandal Gear. 
4.  The Vandals
5.  Valerie
6.  Jenna
7.  Laurie Chamberlain, Jenna and Valerie
8.  Jenna, Valerie and Taylor Johnson
9.  Valerie sleeping.  I swear my nieces both can sleep in ANY position, ANY time and ANY where!
10.  Mickey and Taylor Johnson
11.  A beautiful view just outside of Troy.  I just love the Palouse country! 

Aunt Paula

We had the honor and privilege to host my aunt Paula McKie (Earl McKie's wife) for parts of a week in September.  Paula and Kay Pearson met in Boise and traveled to the Pocatello/Blackfoot, Idaho area.  Kay is my dad's cousin Tom Pearson's wife.  The purpose of the SE Idaho trip for Kay was to visit family.  The purpose for Paula was also to visit family but she attended her 60th High School Reunion, too. 

Paula arrived in Boise and spend two nights with us.  Then I dropped her off at Kay's brothers house and he drove the ladies to SE Idaho.  They returned the following Sunday, being transported by Patty Ricks.  Patty is my dad's cousin also and is Tom Pearson's sister. 

Sunday afternoon, the three ladies, the Bergeson family, the Housley family, and Patty's nephew and his wife all met in a park for a picnic.  It was so much fun visiting and catching up. 

Paula stayed in Boise spending time with the Bergeson family and with us until she flew back home the following Thursday.  

1.  Kay Pearson, Paula McKie, Patty Ricks.
2.  Kristin Bergeson, Paula McKie, and Janet Jennings.  While Aunt Paula was here, we had the opportunity to attend a play at the Idaho Shakespeare Theatre.
3.  Jenna and "Grandma Paula" doing her reading homework....with their able assistant Morty (the dog.)  
4.  Jenna, Valerie and Loren entertaining themselves at the picnic.  Amanda photo bombed!  
5.  The JV Team climbing a tree at the park. 

Boise FitOne

In September, Kristin, Molly, Amanda, Jenna, Valerie and I participated in the Boise FitOne race.  It offers a 5K, 10K or 1/2 Marathon.  There were over 10,000 participants and when I went to pick up our race packets the Friday before, I swore I would never participate again! 

It was crowded and the lines were long.  The line actually moved very quickly, but when I got up to the counter they told me my packet (and Kristin's, and Amanda's, and Jenna's, and Valerie's....) had already been picked up. 

I knew Kristin had not done this, but I needed to track down Molly.  While we work together, it was Wellness Day at Healthwise and folks were over in a park playing.  I called her cell.  No answer.  I called every co-worker I could think of that I had a cell phone number for.  Erik tracked her down for me and NO.  Molly had not gotten our packets.  So I go back into the registration desk and explain that I had already waited in their line and they had given me false information.  She told me I could have cuts to the front of the line....but....their computer system had just crashed. 

The volunteers were still cheerfully helping folks, but they were having to write down names and assigned race numbers.  The only thing worse than being me would have been being one of their volunteers!  I did managed to get our stuff. 

The morning of the race, we arrived downtown in plenty of time to participate in the pre-race festivities.  The local news Channel 7 was a sponsor and providing entertainment for the racers.  It was really fun, especially watching the girls.  They had a blast with the dancing and carrying on. 

Channel 7 has this red dot with a 7 on it for their logo (see pictures below).  I referred to the Channel 7 red dot a couple times during and after the race.  Jenna finally asked what that means.  I showed her a picture and she said "OH!  You mean the dancing M&M?" 

Made me chuckle to think Channel 7 probably paid big bucks for advertising and branding logos.  Wonder if they know kids think it is a dancing M&M!?!?

Molly and the kids took off right from the get-go.  It was a good thing.  I am sure they had a lot more fun with her than they would have with their boring old mothers.  Kristin and I opted for the shorter path that goes along the Boise River so we arrived at the finish line before they did.  From the pictures Molly took and the stories they all told, I believe fun was had by all. 

The next morning, I received a text from my sister.  "You need to look at the pictures in the Idaho Statesman." 

Remember I mentioned there were over 10,000 participants in the race?  The Statesman printed exactly four pictures on the page featuring the race.  Guess who was there?  Jenna, Valerie, Molly and the group they walked with crossing the finish line.  A girl in Valerie's class that we ran into before the race.  Flower (in the yellow tutu) and her Grandma walked with the ladies.  Unfortunately Amanda was cut off.

Monday, October 6, 2014

First Day of 4th Grade

School started the last week of August.  Jenna is in 4th Grade at Liberty Elementary School.  Her teacher is Mr. Russ Herron, the first time she has experienced a male teacher.  Near as I can tell, Mr. Herron is neater than sliced bread!  She is off to a very good start.  We are so proud of our girl!

Valerie's 9th Birthday

After we returned from Tahoe, we celebrated Valerie's birthday.  The party was thrown in amongst the Bergeson family buying a new home and beginning to move.  The party was held in the new, mostly empty house using lawn chairs.  I loved it! 

I made a centipede cake for Valerie.  It looked lovely on Friday night, but by Saturday morning it's antenna (Tootsie Pops) were too heavy for it's head and it sort of fell apart.  Luckily Valerie is a mostly a go with the flow kid and she didn't care.  Besides, she spent the night at our house so she did get to see it when it was 'perfect'.

The highlight of the party was a face painter that my sister found at the Farmers Market in Boise.  She was absolutely, positively amazing!  I have never seen anything quite like it.  Anything a kid asked for, she could do.  She was speedy, too.  Her name is Eden Borrowman and her business name is About Face Custom Face Painting.  208-697-3396  She can be found on Facebook at  If you are in the Treasure Valley and ever in the market for a face painter - she's your person.