Thursday, August 14, 2014

There Is A Button

Sunday, Jenna and I were scurrying around preparing for departure from the house.  I asked Jenna if she would take a plastic grocery bag of stuff out to the van and bring my purple drink cup in from the van. She was out in the garage for what seemed like a very long time.  Finally she comes back into the house with her hands empty. 

Me:  Where's my drink cup, honey?
Jenna:  It's in the van.  The van is locked. 

Almost without exception when I park in the garage, I unlock the doors but I also roll down the windows of the van.  I do this because the hubster packs his remote around in his pocket.  More times than I can count, I have gone to the garage to do something in the van and the &%$# doors are locked.  Apparently every day life can cause the lock button to be pushed from within a pocket.  To say it annoys me is an extreme understatement.  So for self-preservation purposes, I take steps to avoid the situation. 

Me:  Where is the bag of stuff?
Jenna:  I put it in the van. 
Me:  How did you do that, if the van is locked and you couldn't get my drink cup?
Jenna:  Oh, the windows are down so I just stuck it in through the window. 
Me:  Why didn't you just unlock the van if the windows are down?
Jenna:  I don't have your clicker.
Me:  You could still unlock it using the button.
Jenna:  What button? 
Me:  The button the locks and unlocks the doors. 

I stood there dumbfounded not able to imagine how this could be news.  Then I realized that she always has sat in the back seat of the van.  There are not any lock/unlock buttons back there.  She had no idea what power a person could wield from the front seat!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Saying Good-bye

Before we left for Tahoe, Jenna and I bid farewell to Daddy-O and the critters.  Before we got out of the subdivision, Jenna was crying.  So sad Dad was not coming with us. 

We had quite the conversation about saying good-bye to people you love.  I advised that the last words you say to your loved ones anytime you leave them should be sweet words because you never know if it's the last time you will see them. 

Then the tears really came.  What could happen that it would be the last time we saw Daddy?  This conversation was not going the direction I intended!  I tried to avoid an answer but she'd have no part of that.

So I said "I could fall by the pool and break my leg.  Then the next time I would see Daddy would be from a hospital bed." 

No, that was not like I was dead or anything.  Not a good enough answer. 

I bit the bullet.  "We are driving a very long way in a car. You never know when you might get in an accident.  And car wrecks can kill." 

"Mom, it's not like that will happen.  YOU just need to drive safer than the dumb people!" 

Advice to live by.....and it makes me wonder what things I say about other drivers when she's in the car with me!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Tahoe 2014

We spent a week at Lake Tahoe in July.  This year, Curt decided to stay home and save his vacation time.  Jenna and I made the journey together. 

My Aunt Paula McKie stayed several nights with the Housley girls at the Crown Resort.  It was very fun to spend extra time with Grandma Paula.  The relationship for Jenna is invaluable since her Grandparents all four passed long before she was born.  They are quite the pair when they get together! 

Kristin and I stayed on the south end of the lake on first night with cousins Susie and Linda in Susie's condo.  We had a very special surprise in that Linda's daughter Amber flew up from Texas and spent the weekend with us.  It was so fun to have Cousins time. 

The Crown Resort, our Tahoe home for so many years, is closing.  After 65 years in the motel business, the family wants to retire.  We have found a new venue for next year, but there was a hint of sadness that this will be our last year at the Crown. 

  1. Amanda and Jenna in the hammock at the Tahoe Sands, our new motel for next year.  Yes, we visiting to check out the new digs.  
  2. Paula and Amanda
  3. Valerie and Jenna
  4. Jenna and Kristin
  5. Jenna and Shelley
  6. Valerie 
  7. Russell cutting the prime rib that was served at fancy dinner night. 
  8. Jenna and Shelley
  9. Jenna relaxing in the  pool. 
  10. Diane and Mike
  11. Amber, Kristin, and Susie trying to get the bottom off the blender jar.

Visit from Ken

In July, we had the pleasure of a quick visit by Ken Wang.  Ken was an exchange student that lived with my sister's family a few years back.  He is going to college in Minnesota now and was spending the summer on an internship in Seattle.  We were very happy he could work in a quick Boise visit while he was in this neck of the woods. 

No Daycare

Mama Jo took a much-deserved few days off over the 4th of July.  The Monday following the holiday, I decided I would take a vacation day and hang out with Jenna-Bear, instead of trying to find alternative care.  We invited CJ, another Mama Jo kid, to come over for the day.  Kills two birds with one stone.  CJ's mom didn't have to find alternative care.  And CJ entertains Jenna.  A win-win situation. 

We texted Mama Jo and requested permission to break into her house and use her swimming pool.  Permission granted.  We had a great time. 

This photo series cracks me up.  Upon arrival, Jenna and CJ made a pact to hold hands and just jump in.  Oops!  Someone got chicken feathers at the last moment!  But she did eventually jump in. 

Easley Hot Springs and the Shoshone Ice Caves

On July 5th, Curt decided to take the JV Team (Jenna and Valerie) on a day trip. They swam at Easley Hot Springs in Ketchum, Idaho.  Then hit the Shoshone Ice Caves on the way home. 

Need I mention that I was Home.Alone.All.Day! 

Housley Family BBQ

In June, we hosted the 11th Annual Housley Family BBQ.  We had a great turn out, good weather, and fantastic food!  Nephew Matt Housley volunteered to bring his now-famous pulled pork.  Matt has taken to cooking for large groups and is a BBQ master.  It was fabulous.  As Jenna put it "That BBQ guy has to come every year and he has to bring this meat!" 

Highlights of the day: 
  1. Brian and Keith
  2. Lisa
  3. Amanda and Jasmine
  4. Luke, Cody and Melissa
  5. Matt "The BBQ Master" Housley
  6. Ricky and Brooke
  7. Kristin and Valerie
  8. Summer
  9. Luke, Cody and Kimberly
  10. Ann
  11. Phil and Renee

Father's Day Adventure

We made our annual trip to Silver Creek Plunge Hot Springs for Father's Day 2014.  Amanda, Valerie, Dylan, Jenna, Curt and Shelley set off Friday afternoon. 

The excitement of our arrival was 'enhanced' this year by there being a little mouse inside ole Cabin 17!  Poor little critter was terrified of the four screaming girls.  The back door open, Curt was armed with a broom, and the girls and I forming a line to encourage our guest to make an exit.  One swoop of the broom under the bed the mouse was using for a shield convinced him to make a run for it.  He jumped off the back porch and we never saw nor heard from him again. 

Jim Wallace and Sue Varelmann joined us again this year camping over in the camp ground.  The girls went over to visit them.  Jim was out and about when they arrived.  Sue saw Jim approaching the camper and stuffed all four girls into the camper bathroom.  When her hubster came in the camper, she pulled out the 'there's a big spider in the bathroom' trick.  He opened the door and the girls scared a couple years off his life.  It was quite the talk when they arrived back at our cabin. 

As a special treat, my sister Kristin joined us for the day on Saturday.  A good time was had by all and I think we may have talked her into joining us for the entire weekend next year!

Some picture highlights of our Grand Father's Day Adventure: 

  1. Amanda, Kristin and Valerie
  2. Amanda
  3. Jenna
  4. The grocery shopping crew with me at Winco on Friday:  Jenna, Amanda, Dylan
  5. Jenna and Curt
  6. Curt and his girls:  Jenna, Valerie, Dylan, and Amanda
  7. Dylan and Amanda in one tube.
  8. A selfie.  (For the record, I was trying to look goofy.) 
  9. Jim and Sue (after he recovered from his fright)
  10. Jenna, Amanda and Dylan
  11. Dylan
  12. Valerie
  13. Dylan

Increlex Update

Jenna's medicine is, in fact, available again.  We have actually gotten two shipments since I last posted.  I am still skeptical as to how long the single lot will last for all the kiddos in the US that need the medicine.  But for now, we have shots again.  Twice a day. 

Jenna is a champ.  After the 7+ month break, she seems more mature about the shot routine.  She used to stall and procrastinate the shot.  For the most part, she just comes and get 'er done.  I am very proud of that brave little gal of mine!