Sunday, April 27, 2014

Queen Elsa

If you are not familiar with the movie Frozen, it must be because you do not live at our house.  We all are very familiar with Frozen.  Jenna saw it in the theaters three times before it was released to video.  And the release day happened to land the day before her birthday.  A quite convenient birthday gift idea.  So now she's seen it about 75,000 times!

Last weekend, Jenna asked if we could look on the internet for an Elsa outfit.  She really, REALLY would like one.  I told her we could look, but we were not going to buy.  It turns out that Elsa costumes are a very hot item.  They run anywhere from $80 to $500! 

"No way!"  I grumbled.  "I could make one for a lot less." 

Stupid thing to say out loud!  The begging and pleading began.  I finally relented and we went to Jo-Ann's Fabric.  We found a costume pattern that would do the job and even found fabric on a screaming deal sale.  The pattern was on sale for $1.00, but they didn't have Jenna's size.  So I bought an adult version and cut it down to fit her. 

So for $30.35 we have a Queen Elsa dress up dress.  However, Jenna will be working for years to pay off my labor charges.  I have been trying convince her I charge $20 hour to sew.  So far, she's not buying it. 

The kid could not be more thrilled.  She wore the outfit all day today when I finally finished it.   Worth the $30 and my time to witness the pure delight of having a really cool dress up.


I love spring!  (Except for the allergy misery the blooming flora causes my daughter.)  I think spring is so beautiful.  I just can't help myself.  I stop and take pictures of flowers and other blooming things.  It's an obsession of mine that my daughter doesn't understand or have much patience for.  Let her suffer, because I love taking pictures of flowers!


On Saturday I prepared eggs for the Bunny to hide.  I created a color coded egg hunt this year.  Each child assigned an egg color so everyone finds an equal number of eggs.  And everyone gets equal candy and prizes. 

Our Easter Bunny happens to be color blind.  So I thought it would be prudent of me to place a pink egg on the  sunflower yard ornament I have had for years. We have a tradition that I take a picture of Amanda by the sunflower every Easter so I wanted her color of egg to be there. 

During the night a storm blew up.  On Sunday morning, that stinkin' pink egg was no where to be found.  We did eventually find the egg, but it was open and the contents were gone.  Turned out that darned egg had $1.00 in it.  One of a few 'really special eggs' in the bunch.  I coughed up another $1.00 to keep things even as we could not find the $1.00 anywhere. 

Today, the Hubster was doing some raking in the yard.  Found the $1.00!  Yay!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

11111 for Molly

My friend Molly has a thing about the number 11.  Don't really know why.  I have know her for about 12 years and known about her relationship with the number 11 since the get-go.  This odd obsession with the number 11 is just something I accept. 

I am even an enabler.  Sometimes at work (we work together) I notice the clock says 11:11 and I instant message her.  "It's 11:11.  Do you know where your Molly is?" 

Tonight I signed onto It's Mommy Magic to post an endocrinologist appointment update.  The blog service I use gives statistics on the log in page.  Like how many views my page has had in it's lifetime.  Look at that pageview count! This one's for you, Molly!

Endocrinologist Appointment

Jenna has not had her medication for over 3 months now.  We saw her doctor on Wednesday.  As we anticipated, Jenna's growth was dismal without Increlex.  On the medicine, she has been growing about 1" or more each 4 months period.  This time she grew 1/4".  Barely.  It's so disheartening. 

Dr. Swinyard doesn't know any news on when her medicine will be available again (if it will), other than the drug was approved by the "Canadian FDA" in the last weeks and is available in Canada again.  So perhaps the US approval will be forthcoming.  Or maybe not.  Who knows? 

The day after our appointment, I was emailing with the mother of the family in Kuna, Idaho who has a daughter with the same diagnosis as Jenna.  They also see Dr. Swinyard.  She mentioned how sad she was that Dr. Swinyard was no longer coming to Boise to see patients.  WHAT?  I had no idea.  No one mentioned anything to us. 

Dr. S. has been coming to Boise over 5 years from Salt Lake City where he has his own thriving practice.  He flies up once a month for 2-3 days to see kids in Boise.  I have often feared he would tire of the travel and decide to discontinue the Boise visits.  

Through some sleuthing I learned that the hospital under whose umbrella he practices in Boise has made a decision/found a pediatric endo to bring on permanent staff and replace him.  Apparently this decision was made for him.  We are very sad. 

We did not schedule another appointment.  Dr. S. said there is no need to see Jenna until Increlex is available again.  I understand he will be coming here until August, so with any luck we will see him one last time in Boise. 

I am torn.  We should probably give the new doctor a chance.  But I am so impressed with Dr. Swinyard's knowledge, the way he communicates with Jenna, and I really like him.  Perhaps there will be three times a year trips to Salt Lake in our future.