Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22

Feeding the cats!

December 17-21's Handler was out of town for most of last week.  The adventures were simplified so as to not stress out Substitute Elsa Handler. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 7

Do you remember that computer game that made the rounds a few years ago?  Elf Bowling.  I keep hearing the noises those elves made.  And remember being mooned by the little buggers and that they would sometimes move a pin so you could not hit it.  Anyone else play Elf Bowling?

December 6

Jenna was gone over night for a Slumber Birthday Party.  It took her a while after she got home to realize she had not thought about Elsa! 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday, November 7, 2014


Thanksgiving this year will come early to the Housley family.  My sister and her family are headed to Reno for the holiday.  But we have Thanksgiving birthdays (Kristin and Curt) to celebrate, so we shall do so on the Sunday before.

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday.  It is not heavily commercialized in comparison to others in the 'holiday season'.  It is not strongly driven by religion.  I like the idea of being thankful just because I am thankful.  For the people in my life.   For the blessings I have.  For the comfortable lifestyle we enjoy.

Oh, and there's the Thanksgiving dinner.  Perhaps Thanksgiving rates high in my book because I totally love the meal I make each year.  And the cakes the girls decorate for Curt and Kristin's birthdays.  Thinking of the cakes sent me down a path of reminiscing, so I put together pictures of Thanksgivings past.  

Happy Thanksgiving.  Gobble till you wobble!

Halloween 2014

It was a different Halloween for us.  We usually get Jenna and Valerie together to Trick or Treat.  But it has proven more difficult since they moved clear across town.  To drive to their house requires a passport (well practically.....) and it's so difficult to remember to take them with us.

So Jenna invited a couple of friends from school up to hit our 'hood.  Jenna, Allie and Amy had a great time making the rounds. 

The chainsaw dude is a neighbor across the street.  He was having a blast scaring the 'bigger kids'.  He was kind to those the age of our group and younger, but I observed him sending a group of teen-aged girls a running and squealing down the street as he buzzed his chainsaw and gave a wicked laugh!

Even though we didn't actually get to see Amanda or Valerie in their costumes, I required that Aunt Shaw get a picture.  So I added them to the collage below.  

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Idaho! Idaho! Go, Go GO!

At the end of September, we made our annual trip north to watch an Idaho Vandals football game and visit the Yenney and Johnson families.  Valerie joined us this year. 

We arrived Friday night and stayed with the Yenneys.  Saturday morning we set out and about.  We stopped by Laurie Chamberlain's house and visited for a few short minutes.  Then we met Tim and Bebe Dodds and Beth and Tim Bosio at Taco Time for lunch. 

It was Father's Weekend at the UI, so Tim and Bebe were off after lunch to hang out with their daughter Katy.  She is a part-time bartender at the Corner Club.  Handy to have friends in low high places! 

We stopped at the bookstore and updated our Vandal gear, then headed up to the dome.  I dropped Curt and the girls by the dome and went to park the rig.  Then I walked, and walked, and walked, and walked up to the game.  The game was not good (at the moment, none of their games are....) but the company was fabulous.  The girls did well, for a long, boring football game.

We headed back to Troy where we held our annual birthday party for Mickey, Shelley and Mary.  (All of our birthdays are within a couple weeks of each other.)  Then all too soon, it was Sunday morning and time to hit the road home again. 

1.  Valerie, Shelley, Beth, and Jenna. 
2.  A mysterious creature we saw in the parking lot that was friendly and willing to have it's picture taken with the JV Team. 
3.  Family Housley all decked out in their Vandal Gear. 
4.  The Vandals
5.  Valerie
6.  Jenna
7.  Laurie Chamberlain, Jenna and Valerie
8.  Jenna, Valerie and Taylor Johnson
9.  Valerie sleeping.  I swear my nieces both can sleep in ANY position, ANY time and ANY where!
10.  Mickey and Taylor Johnson
11.  A beautiful view just outside of Troy.  I just love the Palouse country! 

Aunt Paula

We had the honor and privilege to host my aunt Paula McKie (Earl McKie's wife) for parts of a week in September.  Paula and Kay Pearson met in Boise and traveled to the Pocatello/Blackfoot, Idaho area.  Kay is my dad's cousin Tom Pearson's wife.  The purpose of the SE Idaho trip for Kay was to visit family.  The purpose for Paula was also to visit family but she attended her 60th High School Reunion, too. 

Paula arrived in Boise and spend two nights with us.  Then I dropped her off at Kay's brothers house and he drove the ladies to SE Idaho.  They returned the following Sunday, being transported by Patty Ricks.  Patty is my dad's cousin also and is Tom Pearson's sister. 

Sunday afternoon, the three ladies, the Bergeson family, the Housley family, and Patty's nephew and his wife all met in a park for a picnic.  It was so much fun visiting and catching up. 

Paula stayed in Boise spending time with the Bergeson family and with us until she flew back home the following Thursday.  

1.  Kay Pearson, Paula McKie, Patty Ricks.
2.  Kristin Bergeson, Paula McKie, and Janet Jennings.  While Aunt Paula was here, we had the opportunity to attend a play at the Idaho Shakespeare Theatre.
3.  Jenna and "Grandma Paula" doing her reading homework....with their able assistant Morty (the dog.)  
4.  Jenna, Valerie and Loren entertaining themselves at the picnic.  Amanda photo bombed!  
5.  The JV Team climbing a tree at the park. 

Boise FitOne

In September, Kristin, Molly, Amanda, Jenna, Valerie and I participated in the Boise FitOne race.  It offers a 5K, 10K or 1/2 Marathon.  There were over 10,000 participants and when I went to pick up our race packets the Friday before, I swore I would never participate again! 

It was crowded and the lines were long.  The line actually moved very quickly, but when I got up to the counter they told me my packet (and Kristin's, and Amanda's, and Jenna's, and Valerie's....) had already been picked up. 

I knew Kristin had not done this, but I needed to track down Molly.  While we work together, it was Wellness Day at Healthwise and folks were over in a park playing.  I called her cell.  No answer.  I called every co-worker I could think of that I had a cell phone number for.  Erik tracked her down for me and NO.  Molly had not gotten our packets.  So I go back into the registration desk and explain that I had already waited in their line and they had given me false information.  She told me I could have cuts to the front of the line....but....their computer system had just crashed. 

The volunteers were still cheerfully helping folks, but they were having to write down names and assigned race numbers.  The only thing worse than being me would have been being one of their volunteers!  I did managed to get our stuff. 

The morning of the race, we arrived downtown in plenty of time to participate in the pre-race festivities.  The local news Channel 7 was a sponsor and providing entertainment for the racers.  It was really fun, especially watching the girls.  They had a blast with the dancing and carrying on. 

Channel 7 has this red dot with a 7 on it for their logo (see pictures below).  I referred to the Channel 7 red dot a couple times during and after the race.  Jenna finally asked what that means.  I showed her a picture and she said "OH!  You mean the dancing M&M?" 

Made me chuckle to think Channel 7 probably paid big bucks for advertising and branding logos.  Wonder if they know kids think it is a dancing M&M!?!?

Molly and the kids took off right from the get-go.  It was a good thing.  I am sure they had a lot more fun with her than they would have with their boring old mothers.  Kristin and I opted for the shorter path that goes along the Boise River so we arrived at the finish line before they did.  From the pictures Molly took and the stories they all told, I believe fun was had by all. 

The next morning, I received a text from my sister.  "You need to look at the pictures in the Idaho Statesman." 

Remember I mentioned there were over 10,000 participants in the race?  The Statesman printed exactly four pictures on the page featuring the race.  Guess who was there?  Jenna, Valerie, Molly and the group they walked with crossing the finish line.  A girl in Valerie's class that we ran into before the race.  Flower (in the yellow tutu) and her Grandma walked with the ladies.  Unfortunately Amanda was cut off.

Monday, October 6, 2014

First Day of 4th Grade

School started the last week of August.  Jenna is in 4th Grade at Liberty Elementary School.  Her teacher is Mr. Russ Herron, the first time she has experienced a male teacher.  Near as I can tell, Mr. Herron is neater than sliced bread!  She is off to a very good start.  We are so proud of our girl!

Valerie's 9th Birthday

After we returned from Tahoe, we celebrated Valerie's birthday.  The party was thrown in amongst the Bergeson family buying a new home and beginning to move.  The party was held in the new, mostly empty house using lawn chairs.  I loved it! 

I made a centipede cake for Valerie.  It looked lovely on Friday night, but by Saturday morning it's antenna (Tootsie Pops) were too heavy for it's head and it sort of fell apart.  Luckily Valerie is a mostly a go with the flow kid and she didn't care.  Besides, she spent the night at our house so she did get to see it when it was 'perfect'.

The highlight of the party was a face painter that my sister found at the Farmers Market in Boise.  She was absolutely, positively amazing!  I have never seen anything quite like it.  Anything a kid asked for, she could do.  She was speedy, too.  Her name is Eden Borrowman and her business name is About Face Custom Face Painting.  208-697-3396  She can be found on Facebook at  If you are in the Treasure Valley and ever in the market for a face painter - she's your person. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

There Is A Button

Sunday, Jenna and I were scurrying around preparing for departure from the house.  I asked Jenna if she would take a plastic grocery bag of stuff out to the van and bring my purple drink cup in from the van. She was out in the garage for what seemed like a very long time.  Finally she comes back into the house with her hands empty. 

Me:  Where's my drink cup, honey?
Jenna:  It's in the van.  The van is locked. 

Almost without exception when I park in the garage, I unlock the doors but I also roll down the windows of the van.  I do this because the hubster packs his remote around in his pocket.  More times than I can count, I have gone to the garage to do something in the van and the &%$# doors are locked.  Apparently every day life can cause the lock button to be pushed from within a pocket.  To say it annoys me is an extreme understatement.  So for self-preservation purposes, I take steps to avoid the situation. 

Me:  Where is the bag of stuff?
Jenna:  I put it in the van. 
Me:  How did you do that, if the van is locked and you couldn't get my drink cup?
Jenna:  Oh, the windows are down so I just stuck it in through the window. 
Me:  Why didn't you just unlock the van if the windows are down?
Jenna:  I don't have your clicker.
Me:  You could still unlock it using the button.
Jenna:  What button? 
Me:  The button the locks and unlocks the doors. 

I stood there dumbfounded not able to imagine how this could be news.  Then I realized that she always has sat in the back seat of the van.  There are not any lock/unlock buttons back there.  She had no idea what power a person could wield from the front seat!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Saying Good-bye

Before we left for Tahoe, Jenna and I bid farewell to Daddy-O and the critters.  Before we got out of the subdivision, Jenna was crying.  So sad Dad was not coming with us. 

We had quite the conversation about saying good-bye to people you love.  I advised that the last words you say to your loved ones anytime you leave them should be sweet words because you never know if it's the last time you will see them. 

Then the tears really came.  What could happen that it would be the last time we saw Daddy?  This conversation was not going the direction I intended!  I tried to avoid an answer but she'd have no part of that.

So I said "I could fall by the pool and break my leg.  Then the next time I would see Daddy would be from a hospital bed." 

No, that was not like I was dead or anything.  Not a good enough answer. 

I bit the bullet.  "We are driving a very long way in a car. You never know when you might get in an accident.  And car wrecks can kill." 

"Mom, it's not like that will happen.  YOU just need to drive safer than the dumb people!" 

Advice to live by.....and it makes me wonder what things I say about other drivers when she's in the car with me!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Tahoe 2014

We spent a week at Lake Tahoe in July.  This year, Curt decided to stay home and save his vacation time.  Jenna and I made the journey together. 

My Aunt Paula McKie stayed several nights with the Housley girls at the Crown Resort.  It was very fun to spend extra time with Grandma Paula.  The relationship for Jenna is invaluable since her Grandparents all four passed long before she was born.  They are quite the pair when they get together! 

Kristin and I stayed on the south end of the lake on first night with cousins Susie and Linda in Susie's condo.  We had a very special surprise in that Linda's daughter Amber flew up from Texas and spent the weekend with us.  It was so fun to have Cousins time. 

The Crown Resort, our Tahoe home for so many years, is closing.  After 65 years in the motel business, the family wants to retire.  We have found a new venue for next year, but there was a hint of sadness that this will be our last year at the Crown. 

  1. Amanda and Jenna in the hammock at the Tahoe Sands, our new motel for next year.  Yes, we visiting to check out the new digs.  
  2. Paula and Amanda
  3. Valerie and Jenna
  4. Jenna and Kristin
  5. Jenna and Shelley
  6. Valerie 
  7. Russell cutting the prime rib that was served at fancy dinner night. 
  8. Jenna and Shelley
  9. Jenna relaxing in the  pool. 
  10. Diane and Mike
  11. Amber, Kristin, and Susie trying to get the bottom off the blender jar.

Visit from Ken

In July, we had the pleasure of a quick visit by Ken Wang.  Ken was an exchange student that lived with my sister's family a few years back.  He is going to college in Minnesota now and was spending the summer on an internship in Seattle.  We were very happy he could work in a quick Boise visit while he was in this neck of the woods. 

No Daycare

Mama Jo took a much-deserved few days off over the 4th of July.  The Monday following the holiday, I decided I would take a vacation day and hang out with Jenna-Bear, instead of trying to find alternative care.  We invited CJ, another Mama Jo kid, to come over for the day.  Kills two birds with one stone.  CJ's mom didn't have to find alternative care.  And CJ entertains Jenna.  A win-win situation. 

We texted Mama Jo and requested permission to break into her house and use her swimming pool.  Permission granted.  We had a great time. 

This photo series cracks me up.  Upon arrival, Jenna and CJ made a pact to hold hands and just jump in.  Oops!  Someone got chicken feathers at the last moment!  But she did eventually jump in. 

Easley Hot Springs and the Shoshone Ice Caves

On July 5th, Curt decided to take the JV Team (Jenna and Valerie) on a day trip. They swam at Easley Hot Springs in Ketchum, Idaho.  Then hit the Shoshone Ice Caves on the way home. 

Need I mention that I was Home.Alone.All.Day! 

Housley Family BBQ

In June, we hosted the 11th Annual Housley Family BBQ.  We had a great turn out, good weather, and fantastic food!  Nephew Matt Housley volunteered to bring his now-famous pulled pork.  Matt has taken to cooking for large groups and is a BBQ master.  It was fabulous.  As Jenna put it "That BBQ guy has to come every year and he has to bring this meat!" 

Highlights of the day: 
  1. Brian and Keith
  2. Lisa
  3. Amanda and Jasmine
  4. Luke, Cody and Melissa
  5. Matt "The BBQ Master" Housley
  6. Ricky and Brooke
  7. Kristin and Valerie
  8. Summer
  9. Luke, Cody and Kimberly
  10. Ann
  11. Phil and Renee

Father's Day Adventure

We made our annual trip to Silver Creek Plunge Hot Springs for Father's Day 2014.  Amanda, Valerie, Dylan, Jenna, Curt and Shelley set off Friday afternoon. 

The excitement of our arrival was 'enhanced' this year by there being a little mouse inside ole Cabin 17!  Poor little critter was terrified of the four screaming girls.  The back door open, Curt was armed with a broom, and the girls and I forming a line to encourage our guest to make an exit.  One swoop of the broom under the bed the mouse was using for a shield convinced him to make a run for it.  He jumped off the back porch and we never saw nor heard from him again. 

Jim Wallace and Sue Varelmann joined us again this year camping over in the camp ground.  The girls went over to visit them.  Jim was out and about when they arrived.  Sue saw Jim approaching the camper and stuffed all four girls into the camper bathroom.  When her hubster came in the camper, she pulled out the 'there's a big spider in the bathroom' trick.  He opened the door and the girls scared a couple years off his life.  It was quite the talk when they arrived back at our cabin. 

As a special treat, my sister Kristin joined us for the day on Saturday.  A good time was had by all and I think we may have talked her into joining us for the entire weekend next year!

Some picture highlights of our Grand Father's Day Adventure: 

  1. Amanda, Kristin and Valerie
  2. Amanda
  3. Jenna
  4. The grocery shopping crew with me at Winco on Friday:  Jenna, Amanda, Dylan
  5. Jenna and Curt
  6. Curt and his girls:  Jenna, Valerie, Dylan, and Amanda
  7. Dylan and Amanda in one tube.
  8. A selfie.  (For the record, I was trying to look goofy.) 
  9. Jim and Sue (after he recovered from his fright)
  10. Jenna, Amanda and Dylan
  11. Dylan
  12. Valerie
  13. Dylan

Increlex Update

Jenna's medicine is, in fact, available again.  We have actually gotten two shipments since I last posted.  I am still skeptical as to how long the single lot will last for all the kiddos in the US that need the medicine.  But for now, we have shots again.  Twice a day. 

Jenna is a champ.  After the 7+ month break, she seems more mature about the shot routine.  She used to stall and procrastinate the shot.  For the most part, she just comes and get 'er done.  I am very proud of that brave little gal of mine!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Increlex Update

The rumor is true!  Increlex (Jenna's medicine) will be available in the US again on June 2.  BUT, there is a 'however'.

However, it is a limited supply.  One lot of Increlex has been approved.  They are hoping there will not be another 'distribution interruption'. 

I don't how how much Increlex is in 'a lot' and the manufacturer is very tight-lipped on specific details.  Translation:  They are not saying. 

We can't get in to see Jenna's doctor until June 27th so our wait will be a bit longer.  But there does seem to be light at the end of the tunnel.  Finally. 

Hailey's Graduation

We spent a lovely afternoon out in Emmett celebrating great-niece Hailey's high school graduation.  We do not see the Housley side of the family nearly enough.  Was great to get caught up with everyone. 

As you approach Emmett, they have a scenic view pull out that has been greatly improved since the last time we were over to Emmett.  They have a tribute to 9/11, a huge American flag flying and an amazing view.  Of course, I made my family stop so I could take some pictures.

Though it has been two years since they have seen each other, Jenna and her cousin Ryan were fast friends almost immediately.  They played and played, often being shadowed by the youngest cousin Kimberly.  

1 & 2.  Jenna and Ryan
3.  Kimber, Matt (Kimber's dad) and Ryan
4.  The Guest of Honor Hailey
5.  Goofy Ryan
6.  The Three Amigos

We have not seen Kimber since she was 3 months old!  What a stinkin' cutie-patootie!

 We are looking forward to seeing everyone again in June for our 11th Annual Housley Family BBQ!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Increlex News

While we have not heard from the manufacturer or our doctor, this is the first news we have had on Jenna's medicine in months.  Direct from the FDA's web site on their drug shortage list. 

I will believe it when I have a vial in my hot little hand, but this looks promising.  However, the alternate manufacturing facility is not yet approved by the FDA, so who knows if the supply will be reliably continuous. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Queen Elsa

If you are not familiar with the movie Frozen, it must be because you do not live at our house.  We all are very familiar with Frozen.  Jenna saw it in the theaters three times before it was released to video.  And the release day happened to land the day before her birthday.  A quite convenient birthday gift idea.  So now she's seen it about 75,000 times!

Last weekend, Jenna asked if we could look on the internet for an Elsa outfit.  She really, REALLY would like one.  I told her we could look, but we were not going to buy.  It turns out that Elsa costumes are a very hot item.  They run anywhere from $80 to $500! 

"No way!"  I grumbled.  "I could make one for a lot less." 

Stupid thing to say out loud!  The begging and pleading began.  I finally relented and we went to Jo-Ann's Fabric.  We found a costume pattern that would do the job and even found fabric on a screaming deal sale.  The pattern was on sale for $1.00, but they didn't have Jenna's size.  So I bought an adult version and cut it down to fit her. 

So for $30.35 we have a Queen Elsa dress up dress.  However, Jenna will be working for years to pay off my labor charges.  I have been trying convince her I charge $20 hour to sew.  So far, she's not buying it. 

The kid could not be more thrilled.  She wore the outfit all day today when I finally finished it.   Worth the $30 and my time to witness the pure delight of having a really cool dress up.


I love spring!  (Except for the allergy misery the blooming flora causes my daughter.)  I think spring is so beautiful.  I just can't help myself.  I stop and take pictures of flowers and other blooming things.  It's an obsession of mine that my daughter doesn't understand or have much patience for.  Let her suffer, because I love taking pictures of flowers!


On Saturday I prepared eggs for the Bunny to hide.  I created a color coded egg hunt this year.  Each child assigned an egg color so everyone finds an equal number of eggs.  And everyone gets equal candy and prizes. 

Our Easter Bunny happens to be color blind.  So I thought it would be prudent of me to place a pink egg on the  sunflower yard ornament I have had for years. We have a tradition that I take a picture of Amanda by the sunflower every Easter so I wanted her color of egg to be there. 

During the night a storm blew up.  On Sunday morning, that stinkin' pink egg was no where to be found.  We did eventually find the egg, but it was open and the contents were gone.  Turned out that darned egg had $1.00 in it.  One of a few 'really special eggs' in the bunch.  I coughed up another $1.00 to keep things even as we could not find the $1.00 anywhere. 

Today, the Hubster was doing some raking in the yard.  Found the $1.00!  Yay!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

11111 for Molly

My friend Molly has a thing about the number 11.  Don't really know why.  I have know her for about 12 years and known about her relationship with the number 11 since the get-go.  This odd obsession with the number 11 is just something I accept. 

I am even an enabler.  Sometimes at work (we work together) I notice the clock says 11:11 and I instant message her.  "It's 11:11.  Do you know where your Molly is?" 

Tonight I signed onto It's Mommy Magic to post an endocrinologist appointment update.  The blog service I use gives statistics on the log in page.  Like how many views my page has had in it's lifetime.  Look at that pageview count! This one's for you, Molly!

Endocrinologist Appointment

Jenna has not had her medication for over 3 months now.  We saw her doctor on Wednesday.  As we anticipated, Jenna's growth was dismal without Increlex.  On the medicine, she has been growing about 1" or more each 4 months period.  This time she grew 1/4".  Barely.  It's so disheartening. 

Dr. Swinyard doesn't know any news on when her medicine will be available again (if it will), other than the drug was approved by the "Canadian FDA" in the last weeks and is available in Canada again.  So perhaps the US approval will be forthcoming.  Or maybe not.  Who knows? 

The day after our appointment, I was emailing with the mother of the family in Kuna, Idaho who has a daughter with the same diagnosis as Jenna.  They also see Dr. Swinyard.  She mentioned how sad she was that Dr. Swinyard was no longer coming to Boise to see patients.  WHAT?  I had no idea.  No one mentioned anything to us. 

Dr. S. has been coming to Boise over 5 years from Salt Lake City where he has his own thriving practice.  He flies up once a month for 2-3 days to see kids in Boise.  I have often feared he would tire of the travel and decide to discontinue the Boise visits.  

Through some sleuthing I learned that the hospital under whose umbrella he practices in Boise has made a decision/found a pediatric endo to bring on permanent staff and replace him.  Apparently this decision was made for him.  We are very sad. 

We did not schedule another appointment.  Dr. S. said there is no need to see Jenna until Increlex is available again.  I understand he will be coming here until August, so with any luck we will see him one last time in Boise. 

I am torn.  We should probably give the new doctor a chance.  But I am so impressed with Dr. Swinyard's knowledge, the way he communicates with Jenna, and I really like him.  Perhaps there will be three times a year trips to Salt Lake in our future. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Aloha Hawaii

We had a fabulous trip!  We went and saw and did just about everything on our "Would Like to Do" list.  The girls did a fabulous job of traveling, getting along, not complaining (much), being cheerful even when there was way too much time between meals, being adventurous, trying things they have never done before (and may never get to do again!), and making the trip so fun and exciting. 

We swam in Turtle Bay, hiked up to and swam in Waimea Falls, the girls took a surfing lesson, spent a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center, went to Pearl Harbor, went to the Wednesday Swap Meet at Aloha Stadium (great shopping for girls that saved and saved to have spending money in Hawaii), snorkeled at Shark's Cove, went to the Sea Life Park, the Dole Plantation, and took a submarine ride.

We also found plenty of time to play in the ocean and swim the condo's pool.  We ate in most nights, so the girls swam while I was making dinner.  I would have to say that no one had any issues falling asleep at night.  We dropped like rocks!

The only mishap was Curt lost his wedding ring.  We think probably while snorkeling, but we don't actually know.  He never takes it off, so we know he didn't just set it down and forget it.  Quite the bummer on a trip to celebrate our 10th anniversary.  Oh well, we will replace it. 

We flew home on the over-night flight Friday night.  Then spent Saturday and Sunday recovering.  Back to work/school today with a smile on our faces and fabulous memories in our minds and hearts. 

Here are some highlights of the 400+ (no kidding!) pictures the Housley family took between Curt's phone, my phone and Jenna's new camera.  Whew!  Going to be difficult to weed out and select the 'just right' ones for the scrapbook!

Atlantis Adventures Submarine:
The Polynesian Cultural Center:

Surfer Girls:  (First is Amanda, middle is Jenna, right side is Valerie.)

Some of the beautiful flowers and plants we saw:

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hawaii Here We Come.....almost!

Check in done and boarding passes printed?  Check!
Laundry done, or at least in progress?  Check!
Started gathering clothes to pack?  Check!
Gathering stuff, books, coloring tools, and various entertainment for the carry on bags?  Check!
Creating a list of stuff we still need to during one last trip to Fred Meyer?  Check!
Newspaper stopped?  Check!

We are making progress on preparation.  Departure is in:

0 days, 17 hours, 4 minutes and 17 seconds can be converted to one of these units:
  • 61,457 seconds
  • 1024 minutes (rounded down)
  • 17 hours (rounded down)
Woot!  Woot!

Jenna's 9th Birthday

We decided to have a Glamor Makeover Sleepover party for Jenna's 9th Birthday.  Being a slumber party, we had to have a very small invitation list.  But believe me, 6 giggly girls seems like 60 at times! 

The girls arrived and shortly after were served pizza for dinner.  Then the makeovers began.  I wisely asked Allison Spain and her friend Allie to be the hair/make up technicians.  They worked upstairs in the master bath while Kristin and I were the nail techs down on the kitchen table. 

After gifts and Olaf Birthday Cake, the girls settled into their sleeping bags on the living room floor.  We watched a movie and three of the six were almost asleep.  The other three claimed they could not sleep.  I said I didn't care if they stayed awake, but they could not be loud enough to keep the other girls from sleeping.  I went into the Jenna Den (guest room) to bed. 

After about 15-20 minutes, Amanda, Valerie and Jessy were asleep.  Jenna, CJ and Amy were not.  I had to give a reminder that loud was not okay. And I went back to bed.  And apparently to sleep. 

At 2:05 AM, I was awakened to a banging noise in the bathroom next to the room I was sleeping in.  I found Jenna, CJ and Amy 'camping' in the bathroom because they could not sleep and knew they were being too loud.  They had moved a sleeping bag in there and pillows. 

I put the kibosh on the bathroom party and sent them to bed.  But the problem was they were all very hungry.  So we had a little 2 AM snack and then they crawled into their sleeping bags.  I told them I was going to sit in the recliner until I hear snoring coming out of them.  While they still claimed they could not sleep - thunk thunk thunk!  They were out in a matter of minutes.  But so was I.  I slept the rest of the night in the recliner! 

The birthday fun continued Tuesday night when we hosted 'the Family Birthday Party'.  Molly, Galen, Peggy and the Bergeson family joined us for dinner and more cake.

All in all, I think the kid had a pretty fun 9th birthday. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Closer and closer and . . . .

3 days, 9 hours, 28 minutes and 40 seconds!
  • 293,320 seconds
  • 4888 minutes (rounded down)
  • 81 hours (rounded down)
  • 3 days (rounded down)
 Hawaii is just around the corner.  I can feel it and taste it now!

Happy Birthday

Friday, February 28, 2014

Counting Down

We are eagerly counting down the days until we fly off to Hawaii.  To be precise it is:

Result: 23 days

23 days can be converted to one of these units:
  • 1,987,200 seconds
  • 33,120 minutes
  • 552 hours
  • 23 days
  • 3 weeks (rounded down)
 In 1,987,200 seconds this will be my backyard!