Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  I hope you have spent your day in a way that is special to you with people that are special to you! 

We hosted the Thanksgiving Feast at the Housley House today.  My sister's family, Maryon, Sally and Jasmine joined us.  We followed our meal with a lovely walk around the neighborhood only to return and celebrate the November birthdays in the family. 

1.  The birthday people with the birthday cake decorators
2.  The birthday cake chefs
3.  Maryon and Sally
4.  Amanda and Jasmine
5.  Valerie and Jenna
6.  Loren and Amanda

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Big Black Cat Mix Up

Back in September, Jenna and I took the dog for a walk.  Over on another street in our neighborhood we found a big black cat.  It came right up to us and dropped at our feet to roll around on the ground.  We determined it was OUR big black cat, picked him up and took him home. 

On the route home, I noticed his collar was missing.  And while we debate the color of Tippy's eyes (I think they are yellow, C&J think they are green), I thought to myself - "Man, Tippy's eyes are sure yellow tonight!"  And he had several globs of matted hair on his belly.....

Jenna and Valerie wrote up the story last weekend.  I think I will just let them tell you the rest of the story. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

The Witch, the Cheetah and the Apple Tree.  Yup, an Apple Tree.  You gotta give Valerie credit for being original! 

School Picture

Jenna's school picture turned out excellent! 

You might recall my earlier post about my experience with school pictures and why I always stay home to help Jenna make good hair choices for the picture day.  (See September 25, 2013 post.)  In that post, I said it was 2nd Grade.  But when I got out my school pictures book, I see it was actually 3rd Grade. 

Presenting THE bad hair day photo!  People are constantly telling me that Jenna is my 'Mini Me'.  They say "sure can tell who her mama is!" and stuff like that.  To me, she looks like Jenna.  But if you can overlook the hairdo, what do you think?  Are we twins? 

Moscow Trip

We left the Mama Jo's kids at Linder Farms, picked up Amanda, and headed north to Moscow/Troy to visit and attend an Idaho Vandal football game.  The day was beautiful, we could not have asked for a better pumpkin play or traveling day. 

We stayed in Troy with Mary and Mike Yenney.  Saturday morning, we went down to the Troy Park for the girls to play.  Kelly Johnson and I visited while we walked laps around the park. 

We headed to Moscow and hit the Vandal Bookstore.  Then Taco Time for lunch.  Curt took the girls on a walking tour of the campus while I attempted to visit my friend Laurie Chamberlain.  She was not home, so I headed up to the Dome. 

During the pre-game festivities, I discovered Tim and Bebe Dodds were in town for the game.  I had posted a Moscow picture on Facebook.  Their daughter, Katy, saw it and sent a text to her mom.  Bebe sent me a text and I found them tailgating in the Dome parking lot.  Found my family and we headed into the game. . . . . but left at half-time because sadly it was a blow out.

We stopped at the New Hong Kong restaurant and picked up dinner, then headed to Troy where the Johnson, Yenney, and Housley families celebrated Mary's and my birthday. 

1.  Doing jumping jacks in Riggins to blow off steam before the remainder of the drive. 
2.  Jenna, Kelly and Amanda at the Troy Park. 
3.  Amanda, Jenna and Bebe at the game. 
4.  Amanda the intense football fan.
5.  Jenna the pondering football fan. 
6.  The girls and me
7.  Curtis with "Joe Vandal", Jenna's purchase at the bookstore, stuffed into his shirt pocket.
8.  A beautiful fall day on campus.
9.  McCall on the drive home.
10.  The game.
11.  A&J at the Troy park.
12.  A&J at Taco Time.

Mama Jo's Day Care at Linder Farms

The first weekend in October, the Boise School District has a two-day teachers work day and the kids are out of school.  We generally go to Moscow that weekend, since Jenna is available to travel on Friday.  Traditionally, Mama Jo takes the day care kids to Linder Farms on the Friday.  We have never gone, since we were headed up to Moscow.  This year, we decided to stick around for the morning and join the festivities.  Sure glad we did.  The kids had a ball!

1.  Marilyn, CJ and Jenna on the hay ride.
2.  Jenna climbing the rock wall. 
3.  The entire Mama Jo's gang on the hay wagon. 
4.  Jenna (background) and CJ and Curt driving the pedal tractors.  You had to be 8 years old to drive yourself.  CJ is seven, so Curt was her driver. 
5.  Jenna and CJ in the pumpkin patch picking the perfect pumpkin.
6.  More of the gang searching for their pumpkins. 
7.  Mama Jo herself.
8.  Jenna on the trampoline-jumping-crazy-high ride.