Wednesday, September 25, 2013

School Picture Day

Having had more than a few school pictures that are *embarrassing to look back upon, I always stay home the morning of school picture day.  Help with clothing selection; help with hair. 

* Second Grade.  Kristin put pin curls in the top of my pixie haircut.  She didn't really know how to do pin curls, so the ends didn't get curled and my hair stuck up all over the place.  My Grandma Ball wouldn't let me wet my hair down because I would have to walk to school with wet hair.  We lived across the street from the school for Pete's sake!  

If I had it to do over now, I would go into the bathroom as soon as I got to school and wet my hair.  But back then, I would never have disobeyed my Grandma.

Grandma McKie wrote back, after receiving our school pictures "Shelley really should have combed her hair!"  Humiliating! 

Cascade Weekend

My poor neglected blog!  I can't believe it has been a month since I have posted anything.  I apologize to my readers and promise to doing better in the future!

Life has been busy.  The school year is well underway.  My work has been hopping.  Curt was in Minnesota for his work last week.  We have an appointment with an oral surgeon to remove a couple more teeth for Jenna on Monday.  We are headed north to Moscow/Troy the first weekend of October. 

Last weekend, we were invited up to Cascade, Idaho where our friends Mark and Lorraine have a vacation home.  It has been 10+ years since I have been to the Cascade house.  They have remodeled and wow!  I didn't recognize the place! 

My sister and her family, Lorraine and Mark, Sue and Jim, and the Housley family gathered.  Saturday afternoon we took the kids to Gold Fork Hot Springs near Donnelly, Idaho to swim.  It is a rather unique hot springs.  You really don't 'swim'.  It is more of a soaking place.  Their pools have sand bottoms and the girls had a ball creating sand sculptures.  They also have a huge chess set next to the pool.  One you stand upon to move your pieces.  Sunday morning, I threw on some shoes and took Morty outside first thing.  We scared off the four deer that were hanging out in the back yard! 

Scenes from our fun weekend: 

Thank you Lorraine and Mark for inviting us to come up.  I hope we were well enough behaved that we get invited back.