Thursday, July 11, 2013

An Ending and a Beginning

Today we ended a phase in Jenna's life. 

She has seen an Occupational Therapist for the better part of three years.  Because of her growth challenges, she needed some help building core strength and gross motor skills.  We saw her first OT for about a year and a half.  She was nice enough, but she was a Drill Sargent.   The sessions were only mildly fun and there was daily homework exercises to complete.  Curt did the exercises with Jenna.  It was not fun, but boy did they build the core strength! 

Then I changed jobs in November 2011 which means our health insurance changed.  So we took November and December of that year off.  But when it came time to return to OT, I just knew there had to be another way.  I remembered my friend Amy telling me about a lady who had helped her son.  I tracked Amy down, then I tracked Maureen down.  Maureen is the proprietor of Kaleidoscope Pediatric Therapy in Boise.  She was such a blessing for our family. 

We only go every other week now, so a Thursday could be just a boring old regular Thursday.  Or it could be a Maureen Thursday.  Jenna L-O-V-E-D Maureen Thursdays!  Times when we had to reschedule for any reason, Jenna would almost cry it made her so sad not to go. 

Today was our last session.  While that is great news, because that means J-Bear has caught up to other children her age, it still comes with a touch of sadness for us.  Maureen a fantastic OT, she is awesome with Jenna and Jenna loves her.  And I truly like her.  Fantastic lady. 

Scenes from our last OT session.  They recently installed a swings room.  Boy, did Jenna and Maureen have a ball monkeying around in there today!

Top Right:  She hung from the wooden swing and leveraged herself up into the spandex hammock.
Bottom Right:  Sweet Success!  She is inside the hammock.
Left:  A big cheesy grin shows the fun she's having.

So as that phase of our lives closes, another phase opens.  Jenna had an appointment with her orthodontist this week.  At the ripe old age of 8, she needs braces. 

We have known braces were in our future for quite some time.  Due to Jenna's growth challenges, her teeth have always been a challenge.  Last October,we had three teeth to the right and left of her upper front teeth pulled surgically.  The baby teeth were no where near falling out and the adult teeth were pushing their way out her upper gums.

Two of the four adult teeth have come in, smack center of the two-teeth hole the surgery made.  The other two upper adult teeth are trying to come out her gums again.  So in August, we will put braces on the four front teeth to squish the front teeth together and move the little peg teeth up against the front teeth.  Jenna seems pretty excited about it.  I think it is because she is already pondering which two colors of rubber bands she will choose first for her braces.  She told Dr. Slattery she already knows all about braces because her cousin Amanda has them. 

The 'good part' is that they give you financial credit for the little four-tooth braces job when she gets full braces someday in the future.  Not if, when.  Even to my untrained eye, I know braces are going to happen. 

Our annual trip to Tahoe is scheduled for week after next.  Looking forward to a little R&R,  seeing the "Nevada McKies", and seeing the out-laws (my term of endearment for my brother-in-laws family.  They are not my in-laws, so I dubbed them the out-laws!)