Monday, June 24, 2013

The Watch

Jenna began talking about wanting a watch several weeks ago.  When the requests became more frequent, we began to discuss the specifics of owning a watch.  Finally, I agreed.  I would buy her a watch if she would wear it, take care of it, blah blah blah silly stuff Mom's always say in such situations. 

We started to head out to shop one Friday night in May.  But I got the wise idea that we could look on Amazon so she could get an idea of what is available in kid-sized watches.  As we poked around their watch selection, Jenna found THE watch.  I could tell it was love at first sight, it was blue (which seemed to be the single most important requirement), and it was reasonably priced.  Plus, it had free shipping.  What could be better?  I would not have to go to a store, we could just eagerly await the arrival of the mail for a few days until it arrived. 

In the shopping cart it went, zip zap zig!  We ordered that little baby.  As it is posting my receipt, I noticed it said in big, bold letters "Estimated arrival date June 13- July 1."  WHAT???  It was May 17th.  Why would it take a month to get it?

Had I really looked.....had I read the sellers profile.....had I even been slightly on the ball enough to realize the price and free shipping should be suspect....I would have seen the seller was in China.  Why does the shipping take so long was the number one, well actually the only question on the sellers page.  He claimed it doesn't really take a month, but Amazon makes him say that.  This gave us hope (false hope, but still it was hope) that it wouldn't be June 13th before it arrived. 

There were many frustrating days peering into the mailbox.  There were a couple of tear-filled days peering into the mailbox.  Finally, it arrived.....on June 13th.  You could feel the excitement it was so thick in the air.  We cut and tore and cut and tore and got into the box.  The watch was fabulous.  Just what she wanted.  We just needed to set it. 

Now some folks just dive in, but I am more of a at least consult the directions kind of gal.  So I whipped out the paperwork in the cute little metal container that was the box it came in.  Only one problem.  The directions were in Chinese. 

No problem I think to myself, I will just flip it over to the English side.  Well....

The 'another side in English' is in Chinese, too!

Not to be stopped by this little set back, I just started poking buttons (there are four).  I would get one step forward, then take two steps back. 

All along, Jenna was being SO patient - NOT!!  At one point she said "Maybe we should just wait for Dad.  He has more experience with this stuff because he actually wears a watch." 

Lest my daughter live the rest of her life believing her mother is not qualified to set a %$@# watch, I was determined to do this all by myself.

I finally calmed down and really looked at the pictures and words on the direction sheet.  I could tell the four buttons were titled S1, S2, S3 and S4.  I could determine from that information the order in which the buttons should be pressed.  A n d  I  d i d  i t!!!

Jenna loves her watch.  She wears it faithfully.  She persistently tells me what time it is...precisely to the minute....and to the second.   The only drawback to this story is that I am now living in fear of the time change in the fall.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Silver Creek Plunge

We have returned from our Father's Day Get-Away.  It was a roaring success!  

Curt and his girls - Amanda, Jenna, Valerie and Dylan
Here are a few things we learned:  
  • You cannot take 4 girls, 2 grown-ups, 6 sleeping bags and pillows, cooking gear, 2 coolers, a large box of non-cooler food, lawn chairs, and firewood in an economy-sized mini van.  We were a 2 car traveling crew.  
  • Slicing a large tub of strawberries for the weekend then leaving them in the refrigerator at home to ferment is very disappointing. frustrating, annoying and a few other things I should not put on my blog!
  • When you let them swim for hours, hike, roast their own dinners over the fire, make s'mores, play on the playground at the campground, and get grubby having a blast and a half - this is the sweet reward.  
Valerie sacked out!
  • That having a gang of four, between the ages of 7-10, allows for adventuring off by themselves in the campground.  Nice for us; very proud for them.  They felt so grown up!
  • Peanut, the Chi-Weenie Sue and Jim recently adopted, was by far the most popular camper in our group.  

  • An inside potty in the cabin is really just a camper toilet in a very small room.  But it was a potty inside so I am not complaining!  Cabin 17 was excellent accommodations for our group.  
  • That children will swim forever, if you let them.  
Jenna, Jim and the girls, Dylan, Valerie and Sue
Valerie, Jenna, Dylan, Amanda
  • When your daughter is scared at 2 AM because she 'hears noises', trading your place in a double bed for the 5 foot couch is not a wise idea - even if you are only 5' 4.5" tall.  
  • That Silver Creek Plunge functions on a paper and pencil reservation system.  Their book only has pages through December 31 in it, so we couldn't make our reservation for Father's Day 2014 - yet.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Father's Day Adventure

Once again, we are headed up to Silver Creek Plunge for Father's Day weekend.  We had such a good time last year, we committed to making it a tradition.

This year I called early enough that we were able to get a cabin with an indoor potty.  It seems like an amenity well worth the extra cost.  Last year's adventure with an outhouse was awkward for our (the Hubster's and mine) 50 year old night-time bladders!  (TMI!?!?)

We have 'luxury cabin #17'.  Sleeps 7, refrigerator, stove/oven, indoor potty, cold running water, has heat and is 150 yards from the swimming pool.  We are taking both Amanda and Valerie with us this year.  Plus a bonus kid from Jenna's daycare who is close in age to Amanda.  We figured 4 kids will be better than an uneven 3. 

Last night, Jenna was trying to get me to commit to actually getting in the swimming pool, not just lifeguard while reading my book.  I said 'we will see'. 

"That means no.  When you say 'we will see' it is just the same as you saying no.  But when you say 'probably', that's a yes." 

Ha!  I'll show her!  I am going to swim just to prove her theory wrong!

I'll close with my favorite picture from last year.