Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Cat and his Monkey

Our cat Tippy has a monkey.  He swiped it from Amanda.  She brought it to our house several years ago and left it behind when she went home.  Tippy adopted the monkey.  I didn't have the heart to tell him the monkey was not his.  I asked Amanda if it was okay for Tippy to keep it.

He packs it all over the house.  You never know where Tippy's monkey will show up.  But we do know for sure it will:
a)  show up on our bed every night.  Tippy sleeps on the bed at night.  He arrives monkey-less.  But at some point during the night he sets out to fetch up his monkey.  It is on the bed in the morning about 95% of the time.
b)  the monkey will not be on our bed when we arrive home from work.  He always moves it during the day.  We don't really know if he carries it around all day or just relocates it once after we leave.

This week I decided to take pictures of Monkey when I happened onto him after I got home from work.

That is one weird cat!

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Picture Perfect Mother's Day

My Mother's Day 2013 was a perfect (for me) day! 
  • breakfast on the back deck
  • bike ride along the Boise River
  • stopped for the girls to play in the park
  • bike ride back to Bown Crossing, where they were having their Sunday Farmers Market
  • very nice lady doing face painting for 'free' (there was a tip jar prominently placed on her table top but she was so nice to the girls, I didn't mind tipping at all!)
  • delicious (tho really expensive!) lemonade
  • back home and took a wonderful 2 hour nap
  • dinner on the back deck
  • after dinner, Jenna hung out with me on the deck and chatted.  I love those conversations!