Saturday, April 27, 2013


This morning I noticed a herd of goats were present on the hillside up above our house, just across the street from the Maverik MiniMart.  I am talking about 20 or 30 goats.  I was stunned that I have never noticed them before, but rationalized it by thinking I usually drive up the hill in the darkness at 0'Dark:30 on my way to work. 

Tonight when Jenna and I were driving home, I realized the goats were a very recent addition as indicated by the big old "WE RENT GOATS" banner that is now hanging on the fence.  Who knew?  I have heard that people use goats for weed/grass control, but it's the first time I have seen it in action. 

Oregon Coast Trip

For Heaven's Sake!  I just realized I have not posted anything here about our Oregon Coast trip.  It all is just a sweet memory by now.  We had a very nice time.  The girls decided a trip to the coast needs to be an annual family tradition.  I could very easily be persuaded to make that happen!

Trip Highlights:
  • Getting to hang out with the Johnson family for more than just a few hours.  
  • Visiting the Oregon Aquarium.  And running into a Healthwise co-worker there.  (No kidding.) 
  • Beautiful weather.
  • A windy day.  That was most excellent because we introduced Jenna and Valerie to kite flying.  They loved it!  
  • Hours spent lounging on the beach.  
  • The Coho was a nice accommodation.  You never know when you just choose something off the web.  
  • Their swimming pool. 
  • An evening watching the sunset on our deck, Mike's Hard Lemonade in hand, and chatting with Kelly Johnson.
  • Dinner out with Judy Van Slyke in Portland the night before we flew home.  

Lowman Time

Sometimes the Hubster does something that totally takes me by surprise.  It isn't often he can shock me, but every once in a while he throws something at me in just to keep me on my toes. 

Last Saturday I came home from my weekly WinCo run, he met me at the door to help carry bags in.  He told me he had called my sister and invited her girls to go with Curt and Jenna today to Hagerman to swim at 10,000 Springs Resort and then go hiking up to Balanced Rock.  And I could have the entire day to myself to do what I want. 

We call that 'lowman time' because that's what Jenna once thought I said when I said I wanted alone time.  I would have an entire day of lowman time, I didn't even have to ask, he thought of it on his own and executed it perfectly.  Plus I had all week to look forward to my day.

It started out with a trip to Nampa to Lorraine's yard sale.  Actually, I was headed to Greenhurst Nursery and she happens to live close and happened to be having a yard sale.  After visiting for a little bit, I headed to Greenhurst and dropped some bucks on plants for the yard. 

I arrived home and spent the afternoon scrapbooking . . . with my music blasting. . . .and all the doors and windows open because it was a beautiful day in the Treasure Valley. I did do a couple loads of laundry and changed the beds.  But otherwise it was all about me!

The gang arrived back in Boise about 6 PM exhausted but by all accounts had a wonderful day.  Except the part where Jenna upended herself while climbing up to balanced rock. I guess I have the Hubster trained fairly well....he even took pictures!

The Headband

As I was driving my nieces to the halfway meeting point to return them to their parents, Amanda asked me "Where did you get that headband, Shaw?" 

I said I didn't know, I have had it for a long time. 

"Is it a headband or actually a bandana?" 

"It's a bandana" I replied.  "Why?" 

"Because it's super cool.  You look so styling!"  (Or some such word.)

I sat there in stunned silence.  I have had the bandana for probably 30 years.  While I admit it is pretty cool colors, I only wear it when my hair is driving me nuts and I want it off my face.  If you could see me you, too, would be shocked that I would be called 'styling'.

She made my day.  I am relatively certain very few 10 year olds think something I wear is cool. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Amanda and Easter

I learned last year at Easter time that from my niece Amanda's perspective, we have a tradition of taking her picture during our egg hunt by the sunflower yard ornament in my backyard.  I knew I had taken pictures there, but had no clue Amanda thought of this as a special part of Easter.

I thought it would be fun to put together a 'through the years' of Amanda's Easter.  Note that their family was out of town in 2008.  And some of the earlier shots are not actually by the sunflower.  (Keep in mind, I was unaware this shot had reached the status of 'tradition' until last year!)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Easter!!

What?  What's that you say?  Easter was last week?  You gotta be kidding me!

We were in transit from our Oregon Coast vacation, so we postponed our Easter celebration to today.  Actually it's been an Easter celebration weekend.  It started Friday night with Mama Jo's Annual Easter Party.  That's our daycare provider and pretty much all the kids and their handlers attend the annual bash.  Near as I can tell, many former Mama Jo's kids attend, too.

There were probably 25 kids there.  They go over to the park after dinner.  While they are gone, the Easter Bunny arrives.  Not kidding.  *THE Easter Bunny was there.  He goes to the park and leads the parade of children back to JoAnn's house.  There are eggs strung across four houses lawns.  Good thing Mama Jo's neighbors are so friendly!

Then Saturday night we dyed our Easter Eggs.  And today my sister's family arrived for the great egg hunt and Easter dinner.  Valerie and Amanda were in a skit at church today.  Valerie remained in character throughout the egg hunt.

My sister and brother-in-law are always the life of the party.  Both claimed they didn't actually sleep, but neither knows we took pictures of them!  hee hee hee

*NOTE:  Jenna says that was not the real Easter Bunny at Mama Jo's party.  She knows this because she observed that Easter Bunny was wearing Katie's shoes.  

Monday, April 1, 2013

Jenna's 8th Birthday

Jenna's 8th Birthday Pool Party has come and gone.  By all accounts the party was a roaring success.  The girls swam, ate pizza, swam, ate cake, opened gifts, and swam some more.  The hotel rents the pool to you for 4 hours.  We thought that was ridiculously long and only listed 11 AM-2 PM on the invites.  But we all were having such a good time, I think we stayed the full time!