Friday, March 15, 2013

Shhhhh! Don't Tell Jenna....

...but I am giving you a sneak peek at her 8th Birthday Pool Party cake.  I just finished it.  Tried something I have never tried before.  Learned a lot.  My ladder and slide steps are not structurally sound.  The slide itself is limp and floppy.  I had to secure things with tooth picks and coffee stirring sticks.  But over-all, I think Jenna will like her cake. 

But Shhhhhh!  Don't tell her.  She's not allowed to see it until tomorrow.  More party details later this weekend. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Panda's Birthday Party

Friday night was my niece's birthday party at the YMCA pool.  Panda turned 10 this year.

I made her flip flops for a cake.  They sort of turned out to be 'elevator flip flops'.  I didn't think one cake layer was going to be enough to feed everyone.  Sort of turned into skyscraper shoes!

Give the Cat a Bath?

Tippy was out and about all day.  Who wouldn't want to be?  The weather was beautiful today!  But whatever he did on his grand cat adventure, it involved mud.  He came home about a half an hour ago covered in mud. The Hubster and J-Bear let him in and he immediately flopped over and began licking his belly.  I was upstairs but could hear the gasps and disgust of the humans.

As crazy as it sounds, yes I did just give our cat a bath!   I filled the tub and plopped the Tipster in.  It isn't his first bath.  And actually he is fairly cooperative after the initial show of displeasure.  I rubbed and rubbed watching in awe as the tub water turned a very dark brown.  OMG!  How can one cat have that much crud stuck to his underside?  His head and back were perfectly clean! 

The tub water after Tippy's bath!

The crud left behind after draining the tub!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Toyota Crayolla

How do you know it is time to semi-retire a vehicle? 

It is when you know the two gentlemen that drive the tow truck at Airport Chevron, can describe them to each other, and you and the hubster know exactly which one came to get you this time.  Airport Chevron has the contract for towing with AAA in Boise and we have had the misfortune of using their service a few times over the last year.  So much so that I paid for adding Curt to my AAA membership! 

Curt's pick up has become somewhat unreliable.  It is old and has 120+K miles on it.  Things just start to not work when a rig has been driven that long.  I have been suggesting for about 6 months that perhaps we need to research getting a commuter car for him.  Introducing . . . . . .

The Toyota Crayolla!

That's what Jenna calls it.  I have tried and tried to explain it is a Corolla, but she honestly cannot hear the difference in the words.  So now we all call it the Crayolla. 

We still have the pick up, because men think its really important to have a pick up just in case you need to haul something.  Since we have a spare parking space, I am okay with being a three rig family for now. 

Breakfast for Dad

J-Bear spent the night at my sister's house a couple weeks ago.  The story I hear, Jenna and Poodaloo woke up at "3 AM!" and could not sleep anymore.  While I doubt the accuracy of the story, my sister did confirm they were up very early.  They apparently made breakfast for my sister and served her in bed. 

All week all Jenna could talk about was making breakfast for Daddy on Saturday.  She quizzed him throughout the week about his favorite cereal. 

Friday night, Jenna and I had a 'sleep party'.  That means she gets to sleep with mom.  However, I am not allowed to call it a slumber party because I am informed you are not supposed to sleep at a slumber party.  And since I always want to actually sleep, our gatherings are called sleep parties. 

Saturday morning, 6:10 AM I hear "Mom, do you think dad's still asleep?"  Ummm. . . . yes. 

After trying to convince her it was too early - I threw in the towel, we got up and went downstairs.  She asked "Do you know the recipe for coffee?"  As luck would have it, while I do not drink the stuff I do, indeed, know the recipe for coffee!

By 6:25 AM, she had a nice spread of cereal and milk, coffee, a candle and an "I love you Daddy" note.  Zip zip zip!  Up the stairs she went to get the guest of honor. 

He was in a complete fog.  He fumbled down the stairs to find his surprise.  Able to muster enough enthusiasm to thank her, he added "But I am not very hungry yet."  After receiving stink eye from his wife, he sat down and 'enjoyed' his breakfast.  

Sweet Kitty

If there was anything good about Jenna and I being sick, it was having two kitties for snuggling. 

Tippy is a lover boy.  He accepts, even welcomes, mounts of attention.  He actually put his little arms around Jenna's head when she was hugging on him. 

Dixie, however, is not known for being affectionate.  I was simply stunned when she crawled up on the pillow in front of Jenna and took a snooze.  Jenna was 'not allowed' to touch her, but . . . .