Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some Real Snow

Boise was hit by a real snow storm last night.  There was about 3-4" of snow at our house when we woke up.  But they didn't cancel school.  Last week during the ice storm, they didn't cancel school and really took some heat for the decision.  So I was just certain today's snow accumulation would be a school closer. But no.  Actually no schools in the area closed.

I decided to work from home so I would not have to deal with other drivers.  After dropping the kid at daycare, I took a moment for a few snow pictures.  Enjoy!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Report Card

J-Bear brought home her report card Friday.  She is right on target for 2nd Grade!  We could not be more proud of her! And just as important to me as the letter grades are the teacher's comments.  She ended with: 

"Jenna has grown so much this quarter, you should be very proud of her.  Jenna is a pleasure to have in class and sets the example for other students."
Wow!  Give me a fist pound on that, girl! 

Monday, January 21, 2013


The women of the house have just returned from a mini-Staycation.  We rented a pool side room at a local hotel and invited two guests to join us for a night of wild partying!  Wild, if you think Disney channel on the big screen TV in the pool area, flitting between the pool and hot tub, pizza in the room, and more swimming is wild. 

K, J, and C had a ball.  I sat pool side with my jewelry making supplies and beaded all night.  I about froze my hind end off sitting in the pool area.  They didn't seem to notice it was cold!  The Hubster joined us for swimming and pizza, but (happily) returned home to sleep because he had to work today. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mom, You Are Really. . . .

J-Bear is into making up school work for herself to do at home.  The other night, her paper started with "Mom, you are really....." and she drew 9 lines on which she was to write words that describe me.  Here is her list:

  1. kinb
  2. nice
  3. helpful
  4. polite
  5. petty
  6. funny
  7. fair
  8. include
  9. nice eyes

1.  She confuses b's and d's.  That's actually kind. 

2, 3, 4.  Self-explanatory.

5.  She assures me that is PRETTY.  She just forgot the R.  Ever tried to explain to a 7 and 3/4ths year old what petty means? 

6, 7.  Self-explanatory.

8.  As in I make sure everyone is included in things. 

9.  I suggested she throw in nice eyes.  It seems coming up with 9 nice words to describe me was one word too many.  I personally thinks she was scraping by the time she got to 'include'.

New Washer & Dryer

We have a new washer and dryer at our house.  Yup, that's how dull life here can be if I feel compelled to announce we got a new washer and dryer.  

A few months ago, we had the opportunity to purchase a gently used front-load washer and dryer from our neighbor.  But we decided our machines were working perfectly fine. Fast forward to the first weekend in January.  Our washer decided to start making a horrible noise.  The kind of noise that says "I am almost 15 years old and it is time for me to go to washing machine heaven."  

After some research, we learned that front load units would not fit into our laundry room.  Even the smallest size were too deep for the room.  So we opted for top load high efficiency machines.  Tuesday was delivery day.  

I would say that laundry machines have come a long way in the 15 of so years that I have been out of the market.  You really DO need to read the users manual in order to be qualified to wash clothes!  The washer has a clear 'glass' top.  I have to admit, I have spent some time* watching it run. 

The 'big' advantage of getting new laundry machines is you are provided an opportunity to see how gross the floor is under your laundry machines.  Pretty gross, but the delivery guy told me it was no where near the grossest he has ever seen.  Whew! 

And mixed in with all the dirt, grim, woozles and cat hair were 12  - COUNT THEM 12!! -   Squinky-like toys.   These little units are Dixie's (cat) #1 favorite entertainment.  They are rubbery and known to take unpredictable bounces when batted about a room. 

I worked at home Tuesday awaiting the delivery of the new units.  Most of the morning, Dixie just sat by the deck door looking outside.  She didn't want to go out (who would - it was like 8 degrees out there!), she just stared.  Now I know it is because all of her toys were under the washer and dryer.  Who knew?

*LET THE RECORD SHOW:  In case you think I have totally lost it . . . I am just talking about a very little time . . . . not a lot of time watching the new washer wash.

My New Favorite Neighbor

My friend Michelle who lives across the street has been my favorite neighbor.  But I am afraid she has been dethroned! I think she is 3rd in line to the throne now. 

Several days back, J-Bear and I went outside to shovel the driveway.  T, who lives next door, and his mom were outside playing in the snow.  He brought his shovel over and helped us.  He is now officially my second most favorite neighbor. 

We were about 1/3 of the way done and this *Knight on a White Horse rode up and said "Would it be okay if I plowed this for you?" 


The Knight is now officially my favorite neighbor.  And I didn't even get his name!

*Okay, okay - he was really just a guy on a green ATV, but the Knight story sounds more exciting!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas 2012

I ordered pictures today so was looking through pictures of Christmas.  Here are some highlights of Christmas decorating, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.  If you click on the collage, it will open bigger.  Good information if you have "Granny Eyes" like I do anymore. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Have I ever mentioned that our cat, Tippy, is a saint?  Not to mention he does a pretty good Tippy Sprawl, huh?

Seriously, he allows J-Bear to pick him up, carry him around, lay on him, roll around with him, hold him, and pretty much do anything she wants with/to him.  He weighs about 14 pounds and packing him around is not easy. 

We have lectured and lectured that Tippy isn't having much fun.  If it isn't safe for him (or her), we do stop the action.  But he won't do anything to help support our statement.  In the 2 1/2 years we have had him, he has probably only scratched or bitten J-Bear 2, maybe 3 times.  If he would just do it, she might give him a little more space. 

Today I received this picture in an emailed joke.  I rarely even read email jokes, but when I saw this picture I was rolling on the floor laughing.  If I knew how to use photo editing software, I would change the cat in the picture to being totally black because this is Tippy.  I swear I can hear those words coming out of his mouth!  And the look on that cat's face!  Priceless!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Errant Eyelashes

The other night, J-Bear was laying on the floor in the living room watching the Hubster exercise on the Wii.  She hops up, comes running in the kitchen where I was puttering and announces her eye hurts.  She confessed she had been rubbing her eyes because they itched.

I glance over and immediately know 'we got a problem'.  The skin around her right eye was very swollen and very red.  It almost looked like she was having some sort of allergic reaction to something.

I very calmly suggest we go upstairs where I could get some light on the subject and get a good look at what we had going on.  Perhaps something was in her eye. 

I pried the little puffy, swollen eye ball open only to discover that the very end of eyelashes on outside upper lid were somehow pointing straight down into her eye and stuck underneath her lower eye lid.  They were still attached to her upper eye lid, but absolutely pointed south!  I bet there was 10-20 errant eyelashes.  I have no idea how she did this, but the eye was so swollen from the irritation that those little suckers were not gunna pop back up to their rightful position. 

I tried a Q-Tip, thinking I could coax them out.  No dice. 

I very hesitantly got out a pair of pointy-nosed tweezers.  J-Bear was a little freaked out by this point.  Trying to convince her to lie still while I tweezed her eye lashes was no easy task.  The first attempt was unsuccessful mostly because I was so scared I would 'poke an eye out with that thing' that I didn't go after them very aggressively. 

I hollered for the Hubster to come assess the situation.  Like me, he was amazed at the situation.  We agreed we had never seen such a thing before.  I was mentally pondering "is this an emergency or can it wait until the eye doctor opens in the morning?"

I begged J-Bear for one last try to get a hold of the eyelashes with the tweezers.  Luckily, Tweezers Try #2 was successful.  I got them!  They all returned to their original position.  Her eye eventually stopped watering.  And we all lived happily ever after. 

She did look slightly worse for the wear in the morning, but we bravely sent her little swollen face out into the world to face her day.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Conversation about Money

Over the weekend, we were driving past the minimart up the hill from our house.  The Hubster commented on the *gas price being $2.88 per gallon.  J-Bear asked what we meant.  So we explained that the gas used to cost $3.70 or so per gallon.  Now it was $2.90 or so.

"So when you buy gas, you pay $3.00 instead of $4.00?" she asked.

"Well, not exactly, because the van takes several gallons.  It is $2.90 for one gallon, but I usually get 10 or 15 gallons at a time." I replied.  "So instead of paying $40.00, I pay $30.00 to fill up now."

"Oh, I get it.  When it comes to paying for things, the littler it is the better it is, right?" she asked.

Then she added "Unless it is what they pay you to work.  When it comes to what they pay you to work, the bigger the better." 

I knew she had a math brain inside her head, but who knew we had a little economist in our midst?

*He often comments on the gas price.  I would swear that he is my mother.  She was always reading gas prices out loud as you drove past a station.  And just about any other sign or information that could be read from the road.  Often the words were spoken in a quite hush and I would be forced to ask "What did you say?"   

Yup, the Hubster and my mother were cut from the same cloth in that respect.