Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Memories

We put Christmas back into storage today.  Well not Christmas itself, but rather our Christmas decor.  To quote my daughter "Christmas decorating is a lot more fun than Christmas undecorating." 

We ended up with a white Christmas.  Not much snow, but enough that we are still sitting in a white wonderland because baby it's cold out there! 

In spite of my recent bad history with ladders, I bravely climbed a ladder to take down our giant outdoor ornaments.  I was delighted to see the snow had dusted them. 
Tonight J-Bear and I took a trip down memory lane looking at past Christmas photos on the computer.  I decided to share.  Hope you enjoy our trip down memory lane. 

Here's hoping for a great 2013! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Love Notes

I received two makes-your-heart-melt kind of notes from my darling daughter this week. 

It would probably be splittin' hairs to point out I am the only mom she has ever had. . .so I didn't.  :)

What a cheerful little ego booster!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Damn Eraser

Poodaloo, J-Bear and I were up in the scrapbooking room working on crafty things last night.  Pooda was helping me sort seed beads by color. 

J-Bear was writing out the words to "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" on a page in her scrapbook.  Wisely, she decided to use a pencil lest she make an error that needed correction. I hear banging around on her table which is behind me.  Things hitting the table top in frustration, drawers opening and slamming shut. 

Then I hear "Arrrrrr!  I cannot find the damn eraser!" 

I sat there in shock because J-Bear doesn't really talk that way.  Perhaps she may have heard her mother or father utter such words, but. . . .

I asked her what she said.  She repeated "I cannot find the damn eraser", then her face fell.  I guess she could tell from my face that damn was not an acceptable, everyday term.  She apologized profusely. 

And I swear I could see the wheels in her brain turning as she mentally moved 'damn' over to the naughty word list.  

Choosing to Ignore

Saturday night, my niece Poodaloo spent the night with us.  Pooda and J-Bear are truly the best of friends.  They totally entertain each other, get along very well, and are very entertaining to listen to as they discuss the happenings in their world.  Almost without exception, they never want their sleep-overs to end. 

This morning, I was leaving to go to my "Breakfast Club" - a group of girlfriends that meet once a month to catch up on each others lives. Poodaloo and J-Bear were playing on the Wii.  I hugged and mooched on both girls. 

I stopped in the door way as I departed and said "Poodaloo, your mother is probably going to come home with me after breakfast.  Just want you to be prepared that you may be leaving when Breakfast Club is done."

No response.  So I tried again. 

"Pooda, you will be leaving after I get back from breakfast." 

Again, no response. 

So I placed myself between the Wii and the child.  "Pooda, did you hear what I said?" 

"I heard it.  I am just choosing to ignore that horrid information!" 

Guess she didn't want to leave yet.  :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Not-So-Proud Moment

After several delays due to weather, the Hubster crawled up on the roof to hang Christmas lights on Saturday after the Winter Carnival at school. 

Since I purchased the new kind of Christmas lights at Costco in November, we can now chain together enough strings to go clear around the front of our house!!! 

In the past, we have always had to stop over our front porch because of the limits stated on the box for how many strings you can put together.  It is a fact that was very disappointing to me, so I was thrilled to find out the new kind of lights (what are they - LED bulbs?  Or some such word...) allow enough length to get clear around the front of our house.  The new kind of lights actually allow enough length to hook our house together with Jeff and Chelsea's house next door, but I digress.....

It thrilled the Hubster, too, NOT!  This meant climbing up on a new section of the roof and installing light-holding devices in a new area.  That is covered by a tree with inconvenient branches poking at your head.  And no perfect ladder placement spot.  

He did not ask for my assistance.  Generally speaking it is best to stay away unless my assistance is specifically requested.  I was upstairs in my craft room and I hear the Hubster bellowing for help.  It was the kind of yelling that makes your heart race. 

By the time I cleared the stairs and flew out the front door, he had solved the problem of his foot being stuck in the extension ladder after the ladder shifted on him.  I decided I better stay out there for moral support because he was less than pleasant at this point. 

He got up on the roof and got the hangers installed.  Got the lights strung on them.  When realized he should have brought the gutter clips with him because the string of lights was long enough it was going to go around the corner and need to be hung on the gutter.

"No problem!"  I said cheerfully in my new able-assistant role.  

I went in the garage and found the clips.  Not being one for ladders, I attached the little plastic bag of clips to the end of a mop.  I returned to the extension ladder and stepped up on the first rung. 

I extended the mop handle, but we could not quite reach each other.  So I hiked up on step two.  Perfect!  The Hubster had the clips! 

I stepped down off the ladder forgetting I had gone up two steps.  I thought the ground would be forthcoming way before it was there.  I don't really know what happened, but I found ground in a flat-on-my-back position looking up at the sky.  The Hubster watched from the top of the house in horror and I bounced in the grass with my head literally inches from the concrete curbing. 

It could have been very bad.  I feel very lucky that I was not seriously hurt.  I am very stiff and sore today, but over-all the situation ended well.   Since I was not much of a ladder person before, I can only imagine it will take every ounce of fortitude I have to get me up on a ladder again.  Good grief - it was only step two! 

Somehow the one thought that keeps going through my mind is a quote from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.....  "Bumbles don't bounce!"

A Very Proud Moment

To properly tell the story, I must begin at the beginning.

J-Bear's teacher, Mrs. A, has a daughter that is in kindergarten at the school.  As we were driving home on Friday, J-Bear told me something very sad happened at school today.  Mrs. A's daughter broke her nose during recess.  And a 'Leaner Teacher' (a.k.a. Student Teacher) from Mrs. L's class taught them the rest of the day.  J-Bear is a very sensitive girl and she actually choked up telling me the details. 

Saturday I had volunteered to work at Mrs. A's Tinsel Hair Extension booth at the Winter Carnival at the school.  I didn't really know if I should expect Mrs. A to be there or not, since she obviously had a stressful Friday.  When I arrived, Mrs. A was working at the booth.  There were a couple of other women there as well. 

I learned that her daughter did, in fact, break her nose during recess.  She and another little girl collided on the playground.  The other little girl just bounced back.  Mrs. A's daughter hit the ground with her face without the benefit of arms breaking the fall.  She had a big black eye and her teeth went into her lip.  A dentist appointment would be forthcoming.  The side of her nose was so swollen they would not be able to assess the damage until Thursday's appointment with an ENT.  At that time, they will determine if her nose will heel itself or require surgery.  Poor kid!

As Mrs. A is telling this, comments were made by the other lady in the booth that lead me to concluded she must be the Student Teacher from Mrs. L's classroom.  Apparently they were scheduled to have a fire drill Friday afternoon.  The Student Teacher said Mrs. L came over and warned her about the drill.

"Mrs. L told me to figure out who J-Bear was.  J-Bear would know where the class was supposed to go, she would know the rules, and she would follow them.  Have J-Bear be the line leader and you will do fine."  said the Student Teacher.

She did not know that I was J-Bear's mother.  Mrs. A introduced us and she gave me a glowing report on how J-Bear helped her Friday.

It was a very proud moment, indeed! 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Preparations Begin

It's been a busy weekend of Christmas preparations.  Friday night, J-Bear enjoyed a sleep-over birthday party for one of her little buddies.  The Hubster and I took advantage and did our Christmas shopping.  Actually we did our Christmas shopping research, then came home and ordered on-line. 

Saturday was groceries and chores.  Then we commenced to decorate the house for Christmas.  The Hubster went outside to hang our roof lights, but it started to rain before he even got started.  And it has rained and rained.  Maybe next weekend. 

But we have the tree up.  We went back to our artificial tree mostly because of Dixie, our youngest cat.  She was not with us at Christmas time last year and we feared a Christmas tree full of water and Dixie-Doo-Da would be a bad combination.  Knock on wood - so far she has shown zero interest in the tree. 

I have always wanted to decorate our stairwell hand railing with lights and green garland-like-decor.  But there is not a plug in anywhere near, so I have not ever done it.  But this year, I found some very reasonably prices little sets of battery operated lights.  They even have a timer!  Sadly, I could not find the kind of green garland-like-decor I really wanted.  Maybe by next year I will get it all together.  For now, the white garland we found will have to do. See the picture below.

The good news is December 1 FINALLY got here.  J-Bear is having a ball opening her Snowmen calendar! 

Painting for Decor Only

Painting something for decoration only is not a concept the Hubster can really fathom.  He painted the main living areas inside our house about a year and half ago.  I have been meaning to paint a couple walls a bright color to enhance decor.  Can't really say I have rushed into it....but over Thanksgiving weekend it was mission accomplished!!

The deal almost didn't come down though.  One of the target walls is above a plant shelf above our front door.  I am not a fan of heights or ladders.  I got up on the plant shelf area on my hands and knees and sort of freaked out.  I said to the Hubster "I don't think I can do this.  I am terrified to stand up." 

I thought he would take sympathy on me and volunteer, but since painting for decor only is not a concept he can eagerly volunteer voice was forthcoming.  I became determined this fear would not stop me. 

There was one family member that was very interested in my escapade.  Unfortunately, Dixie was not actually any help....rather quite the opposite!