Sunday, September 30, 2012

It Was All Cool

"There were not any scary parts; it was all cool, mom!"

That's the report I received in a very excited phone call from J-Bear after they landed.  She seems to have loved flying, is planning her next flight with daddy-o, and plans to use pictures from today in her turn to "Share" at school.  Luckily, her assigned share day is Monday. 

All the in-flight pictures were taken by J-Bear, including the close up self-portrait with the headphones. 


J-Bear and the Hubster just headed to Boise's airport to take J-Bear on her first 'little airplane' flight.  He recently started flying again.  When he flew before, she was too young to go.  She has been excited and talking about it for a couple weeks.  The day is finally here. 

  • I hope she loves it.
  • I hope he has found his flying buddy.
  • I hope it opens her eyes to things that are possible in this world.
  • More realistically, I hope they actually get off the ground.  There is some concern the noise may be an issue.  

Lord, please keep them safe and bring them back home to me.  

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Are you familiar with a Squinky?  They are miniature toys that come in miniature plastic containers.  The kind of container that you would expect to drop from a gumball-like machine in the entrance way of stores.  Squinkies can be purchased in a jumbo pack in any toy isle. 

Here is a pitch line I found on a Squinky webpage.
"What is a Squinky? The world of Squinkies fits in the palm of your hand. These soft and squishy figures are so cute you’ll want to collect them all."

J-Bear received some Squinkies on her last birthday.  She opened all the containers, got the Squinkies out, and left them on the floor.  They are, in fact, soft and squishy, so they don't hurt (much) when you step on them. 

Quite mysteriously, they became spread all over the house even though I have never seen J-Bear play with a Squinky again.  Turns out Dixie, our newest cat, has a Squinky obsession.  Even though she has turned 1 year old and is now officially not a kitten.....she can play with Squinkies for hours.  I think their rubbery texture adds to their value because they bounce well but unpredictably. 

She frequently gets her Squinky fix early in the morning when I am puttering around the house before the others awaken.  It is very entertaining to watch. And you are just about guaranteed to find a Pile-O-Squinky just inside our coat closet when you open it because those suckers can get away from ya!

You sharp?

I am teaching J-Bear how to properly use a sharp knife.  It goes totally against my over-protective instincts, but I dream for the day when my 7 year old is a little more independent getting her own snacks.  She is actually getting to be pretty helpful in the kitchen and she enjoys helping cook. 

As she has grown older and more coordinated, I am enjoying this time, too, because we get to chit-chat. 

Today when we were slicing apples for lunch, my job was cutting and coring them.  J-Bear's job was slicing the apple quarters in half.  I demonstrated the direction in which to slice with my index finger. 

"But I think I will use the knife because it is sharp.  But you, mom, are just not too sharp." 

I disagree.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


I took a just-for-fun-just-for-me continuing education class on Tuesday night. 

In years past while I am surfing the web looking for birthday cake ideas I can steal, I have always avoided cakes decorated with fondant because the ingredients of the recipes I saw were unknown to me.  And the entire process seemed a little scary!  So when I saw the very reasonably priced class to learn how to use fondant - I signed up! 

The fondant recipe she used is made of melted marshmallows and powder sugar.  Easy-peasy!  Fondant is basically play dough for grown-ups.  We used rolling pins and cookie cutters.  It was fun!  Here is my little mini cake. 

However, I am sad to report that we cut my little cake and ate it last night.  Both J-Bear and I thought the fondant was not really edible.  We threw our cake away.  The Hubster did eat his, but I heard no raving about it...not that he would rave about it.  He is a man of few words. 

I will probably decorate another cake in fondant because it is so fun....just not J-Bear's Birthday Cake because of the big thumbs down she gave the taste!

Monday, September 24, 2012

What is your specialty?

Everyone one has one.  That one certain thing that you get the opportunity to do seemingly more than others in life.

The Hubster's specialty is stopping at red lights.  He is provided the opportunity to exercise this patience more often than most.  Our family teases him about this skill.

My specialty is changing the toilet paper roll.  No kidding.  I think I am provided this opportunity at least daily.  It could be that my standards are too high.  Others that live in the same space as I live think that if there is one square left, then there is toilet paper left.

On a 'good day' I will change two rolls around here AND at a retail store to boot!  I am that friend that visits and ends up pawing through your bathroom cupboards trying to find your spare roll supply.  Because sure enough if I stop to use your facilities, your toilet paper will have next to nothing left on the tube!

So, what is your specialty?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bruneau Sand Dunes

During Labor Day Weekend, we decided to check out Bruneau Sand Dunes which is located near Mountain Home, Idaho. 

The last time I was at Bruneau Sand Dunes was in 8th Grade.  That would be about 1975 ish.  In 8th Grade, my teacher Mr. Harold Walker, held a contest.  We had two-person teams and you had to come up with an educational tour of Idaho trip.  Unbeknownst to the kids, the top three teams actually got to GO on the educational tour of Idaho trip.  We stopped at Bruneau Sand Dunes.  At the time, I thought it was just a really hot, burns-your-feet pile of sand.  Not much has changed since 1975. 

But the kids got a kick out of hiking up that really hot, burns-your-feet pile of sand.  We were joined by our friends MA and JJ and their dog Jett.  We really had fun hanging out with them for a day. 

I don't think Jett loved that really hot, burns-your-feet pile of sand.  Puppy paws are tender!  So are mine.  That really hot, burns-your-feet pile of sand sucked my berks right off my feet and I burned the bottoms of my paws.  O-u-c-h!

MA wore black knee-high boots.  While outwardly that appears to be a little crazy on a hot September day, I think the kid was onto something.  I am thinking she is probably the only one in the group that didn't do the hot-sand-in-my-shoes dance at some point in the day!

After the sand pile hiking, we enjoyed a picnic lunch, then headed to the swimming hole.  It sort of muddy and the water was a not-all-that-appealing shade of green.  But that didn't stop Poodaloo, J-Bear or Jett.  MA was a little more selective and watched from the shore.

Photo Comments/Observations:
  • The large picture is of JJ and MA.  
  • Top-right is Poodaloo, Jett and the Hubster.   I don't know what Jett is doing to Pooda but I thought the angle of the picture was cool so I included it.
  • Right second picture down:  J-Bear, MA, and Poodaloo in the sled.  Turns out you really can't sled down a sand hill.  Rats! 
  • Bottom Right:  Hiking the sand hill caused a nap to attack Poodaloo on the drive home.

Monday, September 10, 2012

On Being Spayed

J-Bear explaining the basis of her knowledge that cats generally do not like riding in cars:

Remember the time Daddy and I took Dixie to the vet to get that thing taken out of her?  You know, that thing that had all her eggs inside it?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Bike Rider

J-Bear could not ride a bike.  With the recent purchase of my own bike, I really wanted her to be able to ride.  While standing in the bike accessory isle getting my bike a headlight, I even offered to 'trick out her bike' as soon as she learned how to ride. 

When talking about bike riding, she really wanted to.  In practice, I could tell she was very scared.  On Friday night while shopping at Winco, we had a serious conversation about why she was so scared of bike riding.  It seems she fell over once while riding with training wheels.  We talked about overcoming the fear. 

On Saturday, I was running errands and when I came home, the Hubster said J-Bear had a bit of a breakthrough on her bike riding.  She had actually pedaled the wheels completely around twice before putting her feet down.  This was a HUGE development. 

I had brought Poodaloo home with me.  So we threw bikes in the van and headed to the park.  And by george, she's got it!  She really and truly got it.  Now, 48 hours later, she is a bike riding fiend! 

We rode at the park.  We rode around the 'hood.  The girls rode up and down our street, like 1000 times.  It got dark outside and we had to call off bike riding for the day. 

And after the sunset, I delivered on my 'trick out your bike' promise.  We hit the FM bike accessory isle! 

Today we rode over to the park to play.  But J-Bear opted not to play.  She rode her bike around the path that encircles the park.  And rode around it again.  And again. 

I am so excited for her!  As I rode behind her (I am always the caboose!) going to the park today, I teared up a little bit.  I am just so proud of her overcoming her fears.  I knew she had it in her!  I knew she could do it!  Now she knows too! 

Several of my readers have asked me questions and/or requested pictures of my new bike.  I do truly enjoy riding it.