Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School

It has been a busy week at our house!  It started last Thursday when my friend Danette brought her daughter Caitlyn to Boise to start college at BSU.  As hard as it is for us Vandals to accept Caitlyn goes to BSU....we are happy to have her in Boise.  And hoping it means we get to see her family sometimes during the school year! 

On Friday night, we hosted a dinner party for Danette, Caitlyn, my sister's family and J-Bear had a friend that was having a sleep-over with us.  It was a packed house, but my sister made the dinner so I was easy-peasey for me! 

My nieces showing Danette how to play some game on her phone.
J-Bear and CJ
Danette with an armload of girls!

On Saturday, the Hubster took J-Bear and Poodaloo to the fair.  To my shock - they were there over 7 hours!  They were hot, stinky, grubby and tired when they got home.  But by all reports they had a ball!

Monday was the first day of school.  The school district does something that in my opinion is weird, not to mention inconvenient for most parents....they go 1/2 a day on the first day of school. Mama Jo, our daycare provider, was in Seattle that day attending a memorial service for her mother.  Aunt Kiss to the rescue!  She picked J-Bear up after school.  Whew! 

As I write, the Hubster and J-Bear at at "Back to School Night".  I opted out of attendance because last night my chin had a collision with J-Bears shoulder.  She was jumping up on me to give me a hug.  I was not prepared and she chopped my chin pretty good.  After my fear that several of my teeth were broken, the neck pain set in.  It is feeling better tonight, but I left work at noon to come home and sleep.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring much relief! 

The PTA advertised a "Dunk the Dads" booth for tonight's event.  J-Bear thought it meant "Dunk YOUR Dad".  I assured her that her dad would not be on the dunking menu.  What a bummer!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Last weekend, J-Bear, Poodaloo and I went to yard sales.  One advertised yard sale was located just up on Federal Way in an apartment complex.  I was not familiar with the complex, but had noticed in the past that they are on the high-end of the apartment scale. 

I should have turned left, but turned right as we entered the complex.  This error provided us with a tour of the alley between a series of garages.  Apparently most of their renters either could not fit a vehicle in their garage or had more than one vehicle because a notable number of rigs were parked outside the garage doors.  A notable number of rather large pick up trucks. 

I commented to the girls "Boy, there sure are a lot of trucks in this parking lot!" 

Poodaloo was taking in my comment, gazing around the lot. 

"There sure are!  There's a green hiccup.  There's a red hiccup.  There's a blue hiccup." she replied. 

"Poodaloo, are you calling them hiccups?"  I asked.


"The correct word is pick up."

With the true astonishment on her face she said "Are you kidding me?" 

Guess you learn something everyday.  The kid has lived 7 years thinking a hiccup is one of those words that means two different things! 

Selling Pictures

Last weekend when J-Bear hurt her ankle, I asked permission to take a picture of her.  They are the ones I posted on my blog.  Her reply: 

"That would be fine as long as you don't sell the picture to anyone we don't actually know."

If my memory serves me, I have never sold a picture to anyone.  Known or unknown.  Where does she come up with this stuff?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

What a Weekend

What a weekend . . . . not in a good way. 

On Friday night, Poodaloo had a sleep-over.  Saturday morning, the Hubster was scheduled to fly.  He recently joined a flying club and is getting re-certified.  If you have not seen the national news this week, you might not know that 1/2 of Idaho is on fire.  The smoke in the Treasure Valley was so thick on Saturday the flight had to be scrubbed. But the flying club was having an airplane washing BBQ for members and their families.  The Hubster came home and got the girls and off to the airport to wash planes they went.  It was a nice recovery from a disappointing morning. 

The second big plan for the weekend was going to the Western Idaho Fair.  The Hubster, J-Bear, and Poodaloo would hit the fair shortly after noon today. 

Flashback to Saturday night.  There was a wild game of Wii Bowling taking place in our living room.  J-Bear decided to get a Sprite out of the garage fridge.  (Guess you work up a thirst Wii Bowling?)  She stepped on a stuffed animal that was laying on the floor.  She sprained her ankle. 

I could tell from the shrieking that came out of that child that it was not a 'sort of stubbed my toe' kind of injury.  She was a hurting unit.  Within a few minutes, her ankle looked like it had a bouncy ball inside it poking out.  We iced, we rested, we elevated.

This morning the ankle was not much better.  She is not in excruciating pain so we are sure nothing is broken.  But she cannot (will not?) step on it.  We called Poodaloo and rescheduled the fair for next weekend. 

The Hubster was bumming because everything he planned for the weekend did not work out.  I say "think about me!  I thought I was going to have several hours at home ALL BY MYSELF!"  I cannot deny my disappointment!  

Happy Birthday Dear Dixie

Our cat Dixie turned one on August 10th.  This would be the same day we returned from Lake Tahoe, so I want you all to be doubly impressed that I pulled off a Kitty Birthday Party for Dixie. 

What?  Are you telling me that you do not have a birthday party for your animals?  I didn't either B.J.  (Before J-Bear)  Dixie has never been offered tuna before and she was a little uncertain at first.  But her brother Tippy knew exactly what to do with tuna.  She quickly caught on. 

Should you be considering a visit to our household, let me be clear that the cats are not served on the dinner table on a regular basis.  It was a special occasion after all! 

Note:  No, Dixie is not wearing a birthday hat. (She does not have the kind of personality that would allow her to even consider such craziness!)  That is a 'free for now' feature on  I thought it was kind of cute.  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lake Tahoe 2012

The family gathering at Lake Tahoe is in the history books now.  J-Bear and I had a wonderful vacation.  Sadly, Daddy stayed home and worked.  Perhaps there will be vacation time in the time off bank next year for him to come along.  It is more fun with Daddy-O in tow. 

We left Friday late afternoon and drove to Winnemucca.  The four Bergs and the two of us.  In one van.  Luckily, I recognized that cargo would be a challenge several weeks before our departure.  So we ordered a low-end cargo bag that attached to the luggage racks on the roof of the van.  It was a life saver! 
Brother-in-Law L installing the cargo holder.
After a night in Reno visiting Grandma (L's mom), we headed to the lake on Sunday.  Four days of fun ensued and I think the pictures tell the story better than I could. 

The lake was exceptionally warm this year.  Warm enough that I even ventured into it farther than to just dip a toe!
J-Bear had a ball - but did cry every day at least once because "I miss Daddy so much!"
The Pool.  J-Bear spent 7-8 hours a day in this pool.  Not kidding.  The kid is part fish.
Even fellow motel guests started checking her daily for gills and fins.  (A very nice
lady named Sandy that visits the Crown at the same time we do every year!)

When we arrived back in town the following Friday afternoon, we had a little surprise up our sleeves. 
Daddy's Office

Friday, August 10, 2012


Toes, by the Zac Brown Band
(they are country music artists, in case you don't know)

I got my toes in the water, a$$ in the sand
Not a worry in the world, cold beer in my hand
Life is good today, life is good today. 

Well, actually it was a Mike's Hard Lemonade in my hand.  And the sand was on my feet, not my bum bum.  And my bum bum was in a lounger.  But I digress. . . .

J-Bear and I (and my sister's family) just returned from our annual Tahoe trip.  Wonderful, wonderful in spite of a daily crying fest because she missed her daddy!  But I won't go into details tonight.  I cleverly sent the Hubster and J-Bear out for ice cream and a little Daddy and Me time.  I am totally exhausted. I am going to go sleep! 

Note to Molly:  The foot pictures was taken especially for you, because I know how you love feet - NOT!