Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quote of the Day

As we got ourselves around this morning attempting to get out the door on time for a medical appointment, J-Bear said something sassy to me.  

I gave her stink eye. 

She says “What?  I am very tired, mom.  You just can’t expect charming!”  

I think I am going to be using it in the future.  "You just can't expect charming!" could come in handy in many situations.  :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Father's Day Weekend Adventure

We set out on our Father's Day Weekend Adventure Saturday morning.

To keep the JV Team entertained, we stopped on the way up (and back) at a wide spot in the road.  Had perfect climbing boulders and the river running right behind.

Note Poodaloo's glamorous sandals.  Finding shoes at her
house is not always possible, so we take what we can get.
She spent the entire weekend in rhinestone sandals,
but it didn't slow her down any!

He climbed down this very steep
embankment.  Of course, the girls wanted
to go too.  I stood at the top and took pictures. 
 We rented one of their "Family Cabins".  We wanted one of their "Luxury Family Cabins" because that meant indoor facilities.  But my call to reserve was too late.  No indoor potties to be found!  Note our private facility to the left of our Family Cabin.

Our home away from home
But the cabin served us well.  The only other 'complaint' was no electrical plug ins.  We had lights, a fridge, and a gas stove.  But all wall sockets were blank plates.  They generate electricity via a solar panel farm, so I imagine demand must be controlled.  So out the door went plans to use my electric griddle to make pancakes and the Hubster's plan for a coffee maker.  Luckily, the neighbors were friendly and generous with their coffee!

Daddy-O and the girls headed off to the pool as soon as lunch was done. 

The Guest of Honor with his girls.
Later in the day, we went on a nature hike.  

Loved the beautiful flowers!
Oddly, there were these 1' deep holes
all along our walking path.

J-Bear doesn't get my 'artistic' photography.
"Why did you take a picture of a tree
branch, mom?"
 Then it was dinner time.  Perhaps the most exciting time of the day because you got to cook your own!

The gang raced back over to the pool to take advantage of the 'all-day' swim pass while I attended to the camp fire.  My goal being to have perfect s'more roasting coals when they got home.  Only problem was, I had no idea how long they would swim!  But I rose to the challenge and our roasting was a roaring success.

The girls and I set off on an adventure.  I didn't know what it would be, but they needed to be entertained.  Turns out there is a bridge over the river that runs through Silver Creek Plunge.  On either end of the bridge, there is loose gravel.  The girls had a ball grabbing a fistful of rocks, throwing them into the river, then racing to the end of the bridge to get more rocks.  Seriously - I sat on the guardrail for about an hour watching them do this.  Who knew throwing rocks could be so fun!?!?

In spite of the griddle debacle, I managed to turn out a decent breakfast.

Then it was off to the pool again for a couple more hours of swimming. 

We have decided that this will become our Father's Day Weekend tradition.  The travel was minimal and fun was had by all.  We are, however, in the market for a campfire coffee pot!

* Is snarky even a word?  The text editor and MS Word do not know it, but I swear it is a I am using it because it best describes her condescending tone!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

I wanted to take a moment for a Father's Day Shout-Out to all the dads out there among my readers.  I hope you had a splendid day doing whatever makes you happy! 

We had a fabulous weekend at Silver Creek Plunge Hot Springs camping in one of their cabins.  I will do a full post when time allows, but for now here is J-Bear after successfully swiping her Daddy-O's cap.  I need to explain that you are not supposed to do bunny ears/peace signs/goofy stuff behind your OWN head in a picture! 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pierced Ears

We have been knocking around the idea of allowing J-Bear to get her ears pierced.  In the past, when it came right down to it, she was too scared to actually do it.  Last night she announced she was ready.  She wanted her ears pierced!  So we went to the mall right when they opened this morning to have the deed done. 

Open, Open, Open!
Okay, so maybe we were there before the
mall opened!
Cheerfully, anxiously waiting for Claire's to open.
Marking exactly the right spot on J-Bears tiny, weenie,
very small, can't believe there will be room for an
earring ear lobe.
There was only one employee at Claire's when they opened,
so that meant they could not do a double whammy ear
piercing.  J-Bear was SO brave.  She wanted it so bad,
she knew she could handle two 'pokes'.  Of course, the
Claire's Bear helps you be brave.
If I had really looked at that face, I might have
been able to foresee what was to come....
Ta-daaaa!!  The beautiful March Birthday
birthstone earrings J-Bear selected.  Perfect!
Still looking perky...loving that she has
pierced ears!!!!
We headed over to the check out counter.  The gal is giving us instruction on how to take care of your newly pierced ears.  J-Bear says to me "I think I am going to throw up, mom."  I asked the clerk for her trash can and as she handed it over the counter, I noticed that J-Bear was beginning to sway.  

OMG!!! She is going to pass out!!!  She fell forward into my legs.  I caught her by one arm, but her legs spewed in all directions.  I managed to break her fall enough that there were no injuries.  She lay there on the floor of Claire's for a second or two. 

Disclaimer:  Reenactment photographed at home to add to
the drama of the blog post!
Then her eyes opened.  The first words out of her mouth were:

"Did I get my ears pierced yet?" 

Then she said "I am going to throw up." 

And she did, but luckily I still had Claire's trash can.  Then she seemed to perk up some.  We sat outside Claire's for a while, so J-Bear could stabilized.  Then we walked down to Mrs. Fields and J-Bear consumed a cookie and some Sprite.  Nothing like an overdose of sugar to recover from fainting! 

She is thrilled to have her ears pierced.  She keeps saying "I can't believe I have on earrings."  Or "I can't believe my ears are pierced!"  She says she is going to advise her cousin "it hurts", should Poodaloo decided to follow in her footsteps.

For those readers that have known me that long, you know the apple didn't fall very far from the tree.  I, too, passed out when I got my ears pierced.  But my mother made me wait until I was 12 years old and insisted it be done in a doctor's office.  He simply shoved a needle through my big, fat ear lobe.  Ear #1 went okay.  But Ear #2, he couldn't find the hole to shove the earring into it.  So he put the needle through a second time.  The sweat broke out, my body began to shake, and I remember saying to him "Are you done?" 

He said yes and I pushed him aside.  Hopped off the table and promptly walked right into a wall, as I passed out cold.  I woke up laying on a bed in another room.  And the first words out of my mouth? 

"Did I get my ears pierced yet?"

Memorial Weekend

Over Memorial Weekend, we had the honor of hosting a triple sleep-over for my niece, Poodaloo.  The girls do not see each other as often as we would like and they were thrilled to be together.  We hardly even had a fight!

The weekend included:
  • A trip to Monkey Bizness (indoor play gym)
  • Yard Sales
  • Lots of playing
  • Several clothing changes that involved party dresses
  • And a marshmallow roast each night

Here is a photo story from one of our marshmallow roasts!

The kindling is started!

"Patiently" waiting for roasting time.
And waiting for roasting time....
They entertained themselves singing
while waiting for roasting time.

Not perfect conditions, but we could only wait so long ya know!
Hogan was very interested in helping to
consume marshmallows!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

R.I.P. Malcolm

Tonight we had to make the tough decision to have Malcolm, our dog, put down.  He turned 15 in May and his health has been declining.  Earlier this week, he became very sick.  Tonight when I got home from work, he had taken a big turn for the worse. 

He was a true and faithful companion.  I often tell the Hubster that he should take lessons from Malcolm.  Every man in my life should worship the ground I walk on like Malcy did.  :-)

Rest in Peace, buddy!  We are going to miss you!

Can't get red eye to fix dog eyes.  Why is that?!?!

On the chair where he sat every minute
that I was not home....waiting, waiting
for his favorite human to return to him!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You are 50....

The other night, we were driving home from a BBQ at some friends house.  The Hubster was being somewhat obnoxious in a conversation with J-Bear.  I can't recall the subject but he was doing things like purposely calling something green when in fact is was orange. 

J-Bear corrected him and he said "Oh, I guess I was confused". 

She quipped back at him "Well, you are 50 years old, so that will happen to you.  Sometimes you will get confused!"

I found it to be particularly humorous....beings I have a few months to go before the 50-Year-Old-Dementia sets in.