Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Horses

On Saturday afternoon, we had the opportunity to join CJ's family at a horse farm south of town.  The owners do "Carriage for Hire" parties and the gentleman work's with CJ's dad.  They had regulation size horses, too, but their specialty is mini horses.  They do competitions with their minis.

We gathered at Rush Acres.  The kids got to tour the horse corrals (including a very pregnant mare) and then we headed across the street to a pasture full of horses.  Once past the electric fence...we had a ball!  The owners had to go to a wedding in a couple hours, so the time was limited.  But the kids got to pet, feed, and even sit on a horse for photo opportunity.

Once we cleared the pasture, the owner used a whip to crack (never even coming close to the horses) which caused them to run from corner to corner of the pasture.  Watching the horses run was J-Bear's favorite part. They were beautiful.

The owners invited us back and they will get out the carriage and let one of the horses give the kids carriage rides. We are looking forward to the second visit!

J-Bear and CJ petting one of the minis.

CJ and friend

This horse had a little spunk to him.
They said it was due to people always giving
him treats.  J-Bear gave him a wide birth!

One that's more her size!

The girls pose atop of 'spunky'.
Note:  CJ has hot red cowboy boots.  The girl
is into horses!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kindle Fire

Our family is remarkably 'gadget free'. 
  • We rarely watch TV.  (With the exception of football season.  Truth be told, the Hubster would be a much more avid TV watcher if the women in his life would leave him to his own choices.)  J-Bear calls TV boring. 
  • We do not have 'smart phones'.  We have only had non-emergency only cell phones for a year.  But we have adapted to using the text plan.  Makes communication during the day about child delivery/pick up easier.  
  • We do not have Xbox or whatever the latest and greatest is...we have a Wii, but only use it to exercise.  
  • We do not have a DS.  J-Bear owns a Leapster.  I think it has been used at least 10 times in the 3 years she has had it.  
  • The only computer game played round here is either solitaire or Hangman.  

So it is safe to say purchasing a Kindle Fire was a move solidly outside the box for our family.  Have to admit, I am enjoying it. 

Because of the Hubsters new state of employment, for the most part I am now J-Bear's driver.  I am the Cheerleading mom.  I am the parent that takes her to muscle teacher, dentists, eye doctors, and doctors.  I suggested to the Hubster that I wanted to get some sort of eReader to entertain myself during this 'Mom's Taxi' time of my day. 

His only question?  "Can J-Bear and I take it to Virginia with us in May?"  Smart man.  It will have a huge entertainment value as they wing their way cross country.  But you see - my book is in there.  Might I have to read an OLD FASHIONED book while they are gone?  Tell me it ain't so!!!!

The shocking and slightly annoying part?  As soon as it came out of the box, J-Bear fired it up and started showing me how to use it.  "How do you know how to do that?" I asked.  Apparently she was allotted some time using Aunt Kisses iPad during the drive to/from Reno in March.  And apparently this knowledge was transferable to the Kindle.  Zip Zip Zing, she had it rocking and rolling. 

This was taken literally within an hour
of opening the box.  How can it be
the lovely lime green cover (specially selected
by J-Bear) already has a big stain of goo on it?

We downloaded the Angry Birds game.  It is silly, but somewhat entertaining if you have time on your hands and nothing better to do.  I guess I now know what Angry Birds is....about a year after it was cool.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

General Babble

We have had an extraordinarily busy week.  Tomorrow there are no real plans and I could not be happier about it. 

Tuesday night is Cheerleading class night.  J-Bear is really enjoying the class.  Bodies in Motion has several couches in their play area where parents can sit and relax while their kids are either playing on the play equipment or in a class.  I was happily reading during her class on Tuesday and looked up to find Holly, a former co-worker, who was there with her son who is taking the karate class right after J's class.  We had a nice visit and determined we are likely to see each other often at BIM. 

Thursday was a day full of appointments.  It started with a haircut for J-Bear and I at 720 AM.  Yes, our hair dresser works early mornings, but you will not find her there late in the day or on Saturday.  So we take the early ones.

I worked from home to avoid driving back and forth across town.  Being able to work from home is a perk of my job that I enjoy, though I try not to take advantage.  But Thursday was a day to do it. 

Soon as we got home from the clip, the Wire Guys were here to install a couple of cable jacks.  I have wanted to rearrange my living room for 8 years, but can't do it because there is only one cable outlet in the huge room. 

And I really missed my little TV in the kitchen.  I like listening to the news as I cook.  News is the only TV I watch, but having the only TV clear across the living room means turning it on loud.  If J-Bear and the Hubster were trying to do homework, the TV was too loud.  So they talked louder, which made me need to turn up the TV.  It was a vicious cycle that has been totally eliminated by a TV jack in the kitchen.  Throw in a cute little very light weight TV (I have not purchased a TV in probably 15 years.  They have come a long way, baby!) and I am a very happy camper!  YAY!!! 

Shortly after the Wire Guy left, the Hubster called to say Junk Express was on their way.  We hired them to haul away to debris removing the deck caused.  Zip, zap, zoom and the RV parking area is empty again.  YAY!!!

 J-Bear has started seeing a new Occupational Therapist. I think we are really going to love the new therapist. We saw her for the first time on Thursday afternoon.  J-Bear L-O-V-E-D 'playing' with Maureen.  After the session, we drove over to Daddy's new office, which is just down the road.  We got to meet Ted (the boss/owner), see the his office and the shop.  Then we went out to dinner. 

We recently learned there is a girl in the Treasure Valley that takes the same medicine as J-Bear and also does shots twice a day to help her grow.  On Friday night, we got together so the girls could meet each other.  It was fun to talk to a family that truly knows what it is like to be a slave to Increlex and see the good it is also doing in the other girls life. 

Friday night was also a sleep-over night for my niece Panda.  Today Panda, J-Bear and I got our weekly groceries at WinCo.  The trip included purchasing our lunches for a picnic in the park.  We met up with a group of friends (we were all current or former co-workers from 5280), our kids and a couple dogs at a local park.  It was simply a beautiful day.  Probably 75 degrees out.  A perfect temperature always starts with a 7, in my humble opinion.  We visited a long time and the kids played hard.  J-Bear actually asked if she could take a nap when we got home. She was one pooped puppy. 

So like I said, I am looking forward to a day of rest.  Because it starts again next week.  J-Bear dentist appointment, Cheerleading, OT, and I think one of the nights I will be going out to dinner with my old boss from Denver as she is in Boise for work.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

That Squirrel Drives Dixie Nuts!

I hung the new bird feeder right outside the computer room window so I could seem what flying critters it would attract.  This dude was not what I had in mind. 

I had to move the feeder.  I was afraid she would starve to death because she could not pull herself away from the window.  Or she might die of quivering, warbling, and quaking at the sight of him! 

Real Women Drink Beer

Usually I download pictures shortly after they have been taken.  I am like that.  I have always enjoyed pictures.  Apparently I was not following the norm.  I found some fun pictures taken back in March when I downloaded Easter pictures. 

When the Hubster got the email inviting him to interview at Western States Automation, it was about 6 PM on a Saturday night.  The interview was Sunday.  Generally speaking, the Hubster likes a little time to prepare for an interview.  Research the company.  Think of good questions to ask them.  Since he only had about 12 hours notice, J-Bear and I vacated the house to given him some alone time. 

We ended up at the mall.  I can honestly say that I can count the number of times I go to Boise Towne Square Mall in a year on one hand.  So us ending up in the mall was in and of itself unusual. 

I learned that J-Bear and I share a love for people watching.  Hanging out at the mall on a Saturday night provides a target-rich environment for people watching.  At one point, J-Bear asked me "Why would you wear those shoes to go shopping?" when a gal in 6" heels passed us.  It warmed my heart to know she thinks that!

We also enjoyed 'window shopping' at some of the unique shops we passed.  We saw a shirt that, for me at least, screamed my friend Molly's name.  I had to do a little 'splainin before J-Bear understood why it was perfect for Molly.  We bought it.

Molly enjoys what my sister refers to as
construction beer!  Just regular old American beer.
Not the foofy stuff some folks I know consume.
Speaking of Western States Automation, the Hubster's job is going very well.  He is enjoying the work, the people and is learning a lot.  The family is adjusting to the new schedule.  J-Bear likes hanging out with her buddies at Mama Jo's before and after school.  It's all good!


As I reported earlier, we had a fine Easter.  It started Friday night with a party at Mama Jo's, our daycare provider.  Mama Jo knows how to throw a party!  Pizza was provided by JoAnn, the families brought side dishes to share and their choice of beverage. 

It was very well attended.  Probably 20 kids in attendance with their various handlers (parents).  Since Mama Jo is only licensed for 12 kids max, I wondered where all the little bodies came from.  Turns out some were past Mama Jo's kids.  They know the Easter blow out is a barrel of fun, so they return. 

The Easter Bunny himself showed up.  The kids, together with a handful of handlers, headed over to the school play ground after dinner.  The Easter Bunny arrived and hid eggs across Mama Jo's yard and three of her neighbors.  Basically a block long Easter Egg Hunt. 

Then the Easter Bunny walked over to the school and fetched up the kids.  The newbies were truly stunned.  The old hats were expecting him.  Jenna figured out right away this was not THE Easter Bunny.  She spied blue tennis shoes below the costume and knew THE Easter Bunny would have....a couple rabbits feet. 

We dyed eggs on Saturday.  My sister's family joined us for dinner on Sunday.  I finally go around to downloading the pictures!  Here are some highlights. 

Our Expert Egg Dyer

A traditional picture of Panda.
First time I took this shot, she was about
as tall as the leaf on the bottom!

Poodaloo making a great find!

J-Bear finding one of the special bug
eggs in the tree. Bug eggs had $$ in them!

Poodaloo dressed quite elegantly for the occasion!

The Egg Hunting Crew

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


J-Bear and I have a conversation every night, most often in the van driving home, about what they did in school that day.  What did you learn?  What did you do that was fun?  What did you eat for lunch?  I learn a ton about my daughter's world during these conversations. 

She speaks of 'Science stuff' she learns like what steam is, or the fact they are hatching 8 duck eggs in the classroom, or that they made silly putty that day.  I often say things like 'so you are studying _______ in Science?'  Her response has always been 'I don't even know what Science is, mom.  We just learn stuff.' 

Last night she announced that she now DOES know what time Science is and they were just finishing up the unit on matter.  And then in a most serious tone, she added "It isn't the matter like 'it doesn't matter to me' matter.  It is a different kind of matter."

Editorial Note: 
#1.  Knowing what time Science is seemed critical to knowing what Science is for some reason. 

#2.  She just came blasting in the room to announce that there is a reason why grasshoppers are so hard to catch.  They have five eyes.  Who knew that would make you hard to catch? 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very Happy Easter!  I hope you are celebrating in a way that makes you happy and with people that make you happy. 

We have had a lovely day.  Even the weather is happy it is Easter.

I will post more about our "Easter Partying Weekend" soon, but I am headed to bed.  About halfway through breakfast, it became clear to me that something is just not right with my tummy today.  I did manage to pull of a wonderful meal (if I do say so myself), but I did not really eat it. 

My sister's family just left and my family headed to the park.  Pictures and narration to follow....if I can stay out of the potty for more than 20 minutes at a time when I wake up!  (TMI????  Surely if you are reading my blog you are used to TMI by now!)

One Grunt if You Heard Me

I must give you some background.  On occasion when I am telling the Hubster important information, I receive no response.  When the information requires acknowledgement that it has been heard, I have been known to say "One grunt if you heard me, please."

He always claims he said 'yah' but I just didn't hear it.  Not sure if my hearing is gone or he only replies with a voice inside his head. 

This morning at breakfast, the Hubster was suggesting that J-Bear should eat some of her eggs.  So she grabbed a big bite with her fingers and shoved it in. 

The Hubster then suggested that she might consider using a fork.  "Otherwise you would be just like a caveman and only speak in grunts." 

Without missing a beat, J-Bear said "You mean I would sound just like you when mom wants an answer?" 

Score one for the "Girl Team!"  I guess she is listening at times I least expect her to be listening!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Monkey Bar Blister

J-Bear is sporting a pretty impressive blister in the palm of her left hand. 

Apparently a week off of Monkey Bars three recesses a day makes a person's hand go soft on them.  She came home Monday night with about a quarter sized hunk of skin hanging from her hand.  We cleaned it up the best we could. 

Tonight as we were driving home from Mama Jo's, she mentioned the blister is bigger and has skin hanging again.  Visual inspection verified it is, in deed, about the size of a 50 cent piece now.  I suggested that perhaps she needs to give the Monkey Bars a rest until her hand is better.

"That's what the school nurse told me, too.  She said I should only do Monkey Bars every other day." she replied. 

"Did you get sent to the nurse because of your hand?"  I asked. 


"Did Mrs. H notice it and send you to the nurse?" 

"No.  It wasn't today, it was yesterday.  I showed my hand to Jessie.  She went and told *the Duty.  The Duty told me I had to go see the nurse.  But I didn't know where the nurses office was, so Jane from Mrs. D's class escorted me."  J-Bear said.  "She put a band-aid on my hand and told me to do the Monkey Bars only every other day." 

"Do you know what every other day means?"  I asked. 


"I didn't notice a band-aid on your hand yesterday."

"That's because it was embarrassing to have a big band-aid on my hand.  So I took it off."

"So are you only doing the Monkey Bars every other day?"  I asked.

"No.  But I am sort of thinking I may take the month of May off from doing Monkey Bars because my hand sure hurts." 

*The Duty is what the kids call the person on playground duty during recess.  I had never heard the term nor can I say I like the term very much.  Don't they have a name?  I am certain we didn't have a "Duty" when I was in school.  I am not even sure they had playground supervision back in the stone age....when I was in grade school. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Headed Home

The Reno Adventurers are on their way home.  The Hubster and I are very ready for our girl to be home.  We totally enjoyed our alone time until about Saturday evening.  It gets pretty quiet and lonely without my little shadow following me from room to room.

They made a stop at our favorite minimart in Lovelock, NV.  That place has some really cool junk you can buy, in addition to the regular minimart fair.  Case in point:  cool animal hats!

After the Friday morning tearful call, J-Bear seemed to come into her own and really started enjoying her adventure.  No more crying calls.  She did make a cheerful call home on Saturday.  "Mom, is this the first time you have talked to me that I was not crying?" she asked. 

Saturday's adventures were attending a tree planting ceremony in memory of Grandpa Burnett, a sewing festival for the quilting types, and a visit to Scheel's (for the non-quilting types). 

Scheel's is a sporting goods store (like Cabela's if you are familiar with Cabela's) in Sparks.  A visit to Scheel's is a grand adventure of its own.  They explain it better than I ever could.  Here is the spiel from Scheel's website: 
  • Special attractions include eight life-like bronze sculptures; two 16,000 gallon aquariums full of brilliant colored fish; a 35 foot tall, 800 square foot Wildlife Mountain; a 65-foot, 16-car operating Ferris Wheel; a Home D├ęcor and Gift Lodge; a nostalgic shooting gallery, a Buck Hunter simulator, and a 5 sport simulator with sports including basketball, soccer, baseball and football, where customers can test their skills. You can also push your driving skills to the limit in the new NASCAR simulator! The Walk of Presidents and many more amenities makes this shopping adventure unlike anything the Reno-Sparks retail customer has ever experienced.

We will take the B's dogs home and get our girl this evening.  Thanks to the wonders of cell phone we will know the exact timing of arrival.  Our cats cannot wait for the guest dogs to depart.  They don't love their dog cousins!  Can't wait to hear about her grand adventure from the J-Bear herself!