Friday, March 30, 2012

The Grand Adventure

Thursday morning, I dropped J-Bear off at my sister's house on the way to work so she could set off on her Grand Adventure - traveling to Reno without mom or dad. 

The drive down was good.  The girls traveled very well.  Arriving at Grandma's house and getting out of the van was even better.   They all sounded swell when they called to say they arrived. 

However, when the phone rang at 10:15 last night, J-Bear was not having such a jolly time.  She was in complete meltdown mode, sobbing, and telling me she missed us so bad. 

We talked, I sang the song to her that I made up for her when she was a baby, she started to gain control.  THEN I realized she was in a blood sugar crisis.  The medication she takes can cause random drops in blood sugar and almost every time in her life that she has ever had what I would call a true meltdown, it is caused by low blood sugar. 

I asked her to put Aunt Kiss on the phone.  I told Kiss my suspicion.  They went downstairs and snacked and all was well . . . . . until this morning.  J-Bear suffered some sort of disappointment and was very sad.  She asked to call me.  I had told her she could call mommy and daddy anytime she needed to talk to us.  We talked through her sadness.  At one point I asked her what mommy could do that would make her feel better. 

Between snuffles and with a quaky voice, she uttered "I do not want something you CAN do.  I want something you CAN'T do, mom."

"What's that, sweetie?" I asked.

"I want you to come to Reno right now!"  she replied.

I later learned from my sister the tears were over new shirts Kiss bought them and hers not having sparkles on it like Panda's shirt did.  Brother!

When we called her this evening, she seemed to be doing great and having a ball.  Hopefully the teary phone calls are over.  Not sure I can take it anymore!

Tooth Extraction

Wednesday's appointment to have one of J-Bear's baby teeth extracted by an oral surgeon came off without a hitch.  Beings she was sick over the weekend, I was concerned they would not be able to pull the tooth.  But they said a stuffy nose and cough (which was all she had left from her illness) did not prevent the procedure.

They have you put numbing jell in the elbows in spots where the 'good veins' are that might be used for the IV.  We jelled her elbows up, bandaged them up to keep the jell in place, and headed out.  On the drive down, J-Bear made up a song about "Nelson".  That would be Dr. Nelson, but she was calling him just Nelson for some reason. 

We arrive, fill out the paperwork, and played "Go Fish" with the deck of cards I threw in my purse.  (I am brilliant on some days!)  After we had played several hands, J-Bear asked "So when is Nelson going to come out and get me?"  I thought his staff was going to bust a gut laughing.  I politely explained that it was proper to refer to him as Dr. Nelson and more than likely he would not be the one to retrieve her. 

Someone else did come get us shortly thereafter.  J-Bear was so brave!  I was so proud of her.  They hooked heart beat monitors on her chest and tummy.  They clamped a doo-hickey that reads oxygen levels, or some such thing, on her finger.  They covered her up with a warm blanket.

"Nelson" whirled into the room.  He asked me to do what I could to distract her.  Deck of cards to the rescue again!  While he placed the IV in her arm, I had her do numbers on the cards.  It worked brilliantly. 

They stuck an oxygen tube, two-pronged thing in her nose.  That was the one thing J-Bear disliked very much.  She became very groggy very quickly, but she went out saying "could you take that thing out of my nose?" 

They sent me out of the room then.  I was bummed.  I would have liked to have seen how they popped that little sucker out of her mouth.  I hadn't even read an entire chapter in my book when they came and got me. 

They sent us home with a tiny tub of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.  They had given J-Bear a list of flavor choices before it all began.  I am not sure which J-Bear liked the most:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
The wheelchair ride down to the van

"Nelson" told us that J-Bear would want to rest and may even sleep a few hours when we got home.  J-Bear didn't get that memo.  She slept not one wink, but I 'made' her watch two videos and rest while I worked.  I knocked off work about 1 PM and the two of us had pedicures done.  It was a great treat for us and a great way to spend time together. 

That night, as J-Bear was recalling the events of the day, she told me she had one suggestion.  "It would have been a lot better if Dr. Nelson had made me sleepy BEFORE he put that needle in my arm." 

Sorry kiddo - is just doesn't work that way. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

That Ain't No Squirrel!

I am sitting at the PC writing up a blog post.  Dixie (our kitten) is on the cabinet looking out the front window of the computer room.  She has spend many hours there the last two days.  She is on squirrel patrol.  There is one particularly ballsy squirrel hanging in that tree right now.  Dixie just quivers when she sees it.

So I hear Dixie quivering and glance over to see what Mr. Ballsy is doing.  It isn't a squirrel at all.  It is a pretty white and orange cat.  He/She/It is walking across the window sill right in front of Dixie's nose.  I turn and holler to the family that there is a cat in our front yard and Dixie isn't enjoying it.

I turn back and TIPPY (our older cat) is on the window sill at the opposite end following the white and orange cat across.  Jenna came blasting into the room, which sent the cats all scattering.  Tippy chased the other cat around the corner of the garage. 

We like to live under the illusion that the Tipster doesn't go out front.  Maybe he was only out there to escort that cat out of his yard.  I went out and he was standing at the corner of our lot.  I called and Tippy came running over to me.  He is safely inside now. 

What a Week!

And it is only Monday! 

J-Bear spent the night at my sister's house on Saturday night.  Sunday morning the ladies "Breakfast Club" was meeting at a restaurant over that way, so the plan was I would pick her up after breakfast with the girls.  Kiss informed me that Jenna didn't sleep very well and was coughing, etc. 

We returned from breakfast to hear the grand announcement "J-Bear barfed her entire breakfast on the kitchen floor."  Great!  Today was supposed to be J-Bear's first day at Mama Jo's.  But there was no way that was going to happen.  On the drive home, we swung by my office and got my work laptop so I could work from home today.  Remember - it was the Hubster's first day at his new job.  Not exactly like he could provide sick care. 

She and I spent Sunday afternoon napping.  She slept over three hours.  Sniffles, coughing, sneezing, slight fever.  It turns out that a child that has slept over three hours on Sunday afternoon cannot really sleep Sunday night.  We fell asleep fairly quickly.  But J-Bear awakened at 1:15 AM.  We didn't get back to sleep until 5:45 AM.  Bless her heart, she tried and tried to sleep.  Sleep just would not come.  We snacked.  We read books.  We chatted. 

Part of the problem was that * I * could have slept like a baby.  I was very tired and kept nodding off on her.  But she dutifully woke me up every time I dared to let the eye balls close. 

Shortly after we went to bed, the Hubster got up and got himself to work.  Apparently he didn't need my supervision because I slept through it all.  Sort of a bummer not to even give him a kiss to send him off to the new job. He loved his first day.  It seems he fell in with some very nice people to work for/with.  I am so happy for him. 

Tomorrow, Jenna will go to Mama Jo's (I hope, I think, I pray!) as she is doing much better this evening.  Wednesday morning, she and I will go to an oral surgeon's office to have that little bugger of a baby tooth pulled.  Thursday morning we are sending her down the road with Aunt Kiss and company to visit the relatives in Reno. 

Like I said - what a week!  And it is only Monday. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Exciting Update from Our House

I am pleased to announce that the Hubster has a new job!! He accepted the position yesterday!!

His new employer is a local company that is a distributor of valves, controls, and instruments for industrial applications. (Whatever that means!?!?!  I stole the words from an email he composed.)  He will start next Monday.   J-Bear will return to daycare before and after school each day.

We are so relieved that his job search is finally over after more than a year.  We went out to dinner last night to celebrate!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Star of the Week

In Mrs. H's class, you are "Star of the Week" during your birthday week.  Paperwork was sent home requesting an autobiography, a favorites list, and pictures of J-Bear.  Her information is featured on the bulletin board this week.  Today the kids all wrote her birthday notes and she will bring them home in a book at the end of the week. 

I thought you might enjoy reading her autobiography: 

There were not too many surprised in it, but I did get a kick out of Dixie being 0 years old.  I tried to convince her that when you are less than a year, your age is measured in months - so Dixie would be 7 months old.  She would have none of it.  Dixie is, therefore, 0 years old. 

Her favorites list is even more entertaining: 
I hope she isn't holding her breath wishing for that brother or sister.

Her business plan for the cat breeding adventure is to get some girl cats but don't take them to the vet to be 'spayeded'.  Then let them outside so they get some babies in their tummy.  Then she would play with the kittens until they are old enough to sell for $5.00 each.  And that's how she will make her millions as a cat breeder!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy 7th J-Bear

Tomorrow at 3:46 PM, my baby will turn 7 years old.  How can my baby possibly be 7 years old? 

The birthday bash at Monkey Bizness was a roaring success by any measure.  J-Bear was beyond excited as each of her friends arrived for the party.  She literally squealed with delight.  We had to peel her off the ceiling she was so high on the excitement of it all. 

After the safety lecture, they turned them lose in the play area.  Who knew how much fun a pile-o-kids could have? 
Ascending the stairs of the big slide...
J-Bear comes 'screaming' down (literally).

A herd of them follow....screaming all the way!

There was also a rock climbing wall. 
The Hubster attacked the rock wall.

Not to be outdone by Daddy-O!
Some of the happy faced kids:
J-Bear and Poodaloo

My Three Girls!
Then came the cake, ice cream and presents!
The Cat Cake
Blow out the candles!
She even read the cards!
Note the bow - it was amazing
and I think it was handmade.
Clearly an overachiever mother.  :-)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Staying Home Sick

J-Bear just reported that a lot of kids at her school are sick.  Reportedly, over 80 kids were out.  There are about 450-500 kids at her school.  (These are facts as reported by the First Grader.  Take it for what it is worth.) 

Mr. M., the principal, talked to them today.  They were being encouraged to stay home if you are sick.   He said some kids have 'ammonia'!

J-Bear said "it is not the N-A-mmonia kind.  It is the A-mmonia kind."

Sure hope we do not get any Ammonia at our house!

J-Bear just told me that if she was going to get ammonia or cancer, she would choose one of these two times:
1.  Before I was born.
2.  Never

Very reasonable, well thought out choices!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Deck

The Hubster has kept himself out of trouble the last several weeks by slowly destroying our second deck.  Not to worry, this work being done by orders of the boss.  That would be me - ha, ha - yeah right, in my dreams.  We all know very well that J-BEAR is the boss around here.  ;-)

We have actually had a plan to remove that deck for a couple of years now.  The Hubster decided this was the year. 
And the walls came tumbling down.

And the flooring was gone.
And the framing was gone.

Everyday I come home to progress.  He has filled in the hole where the hot tub used to be and cleaned up all the construction garbage left from when our house was built.  Apparently under a deck is a good place to toss concrete blocks, spare shingles, and a variety of other construction trash. The ground is pretty much leveled out and we are preparing to run the flower bed around to the corner of the shed.

We have a huge pile of decking, if anyone out there needs some just give us a shout.

Much more work to be done but I am very happy with what we he has done so far!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Blog Stats

Blogspot provides really fun numbers on the visits per day/month/ever.  My blog hit a milestone over the last weekend.

I have enjoyed my 1000th pageview!!  

I would like to thank the Pulitzer Prize for wait!  That's not the correct speech.  I would like to thank you - my readers - for tuning in more than 1000 times! 

In addition to pageviews, they provide statistics on the location (country only) of my readers and what type operating system and browser they use: 
Perhaps a little too big brother-ish, but it is fun for me.

I expect the United States readers.  I even know who the person in Germany is.  And while it is possible I know someone in the United Kingdom, that country only rarely shows up.  But every time I look I have at least 7 (and obviously sometimes more) readers from Russia.  That statistic totally baffles me.  It must be some sort of automated web browsing device because I can't imagine my babble would be interesting to Russians that I do not even know.  It's barely interesting to Americans I know well!

Again, thank you for reading It's Mommy Magic.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Mermaid Cake

Panda's YMCA Pool Party was a roaring success.  Here is the mermaid birthday cake she and I created together: 
Panda's Mermaid Cake

And for those guests that do not enjoy chocolate, we made cupcakes.  It was my secret ploy to keep J-Bear and Panda occupied frosting cupcakes while I did the boring (or difficult) parts of the mermaid cake.  Turns out there could have been more adult supervision.  J-Bear decided the cupcake paper was in her way, so she peeled it down with plans to put it back when she was done.  You might be able to identify those she decorated before I put a stop to her method of processing.  (Right-hand column of cupcakes.) 
The Cupcakes
You may not be able to see in the picture, but the mermaid has her arms thrown straight up in the air.  The girls suggested we do that as she is probably screaming in fear that her tail will be set fire by the candles. 
Blow out the candles!
The only pool picture of the Birthday Girl
I was able to capture.
Poodaloo and J-Bear

The Real Anniversary Gift

We did actually get a shared anniversary gift.  I mentioned I wanted one a while ago.  Just turns out 'we' got serious about shopping for it the weekend before our anniversary.  So an anniversary gift it is. 
A basketball hoop!
Now all the male readers may be thinking I am #@%$ near a perfect wife.  I actually WANTED a basketball hoop for our driveway.  In addition, I enjoy going to football games, I insist my family catch a couple of to high school basketball games each year, and I arrange for us to attend a Super Bowl Party every year.  For a man that reads the Sports page from cover to cover each morning before he has even had his first cup of coffee - sounds like a perfect woman.

We saw several at a sporting goods store.  But try as I may, I could not get their 'one-hand height adjustment' to adjust.  We stopped in Costco.  SOLD!  So simple to adjust! 

J-Bear is quite into 'shootin' hoops'.  If she had her way, we would spend hours a day out there.  I am sure the newness will wear off, but for now we are negotiating hoops time with her.  We all played last night for about 30 minutes. 

I never really had any skill at basketball.  And I can honestly say no basketball skill miraculously grew in me while I was busy doing other things these last 30 years.  But even though I cannot hit my bottom with both hands, I am really enjoying myself.    

Panda spent the night with us Friday night, in preparation for the mermaid cake decorating Saturday morning.  The two of them were quite a pair, out there 'shootin' hoops'.  J-Bear insisted this little gray jacket is one of the warmest coats she owns.  It is dressy and the front is covered with silver sparkly sequins.  Panda brought only heeled shoes and hot pink flip flops.
Shortly thereafter, a ball that she can actually throw
higher than the rim was purchased!
Darned good shot for a kid in heels!
You can't really see the sequins unless you look really
closely below J-Bear's left elbow.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Anniversary Gift (?)

I arrived home Tuesday evening and found humorous card from the Hubster on the counter which I enjoyed with a giggle. I was puttering around trying to get things in order for Molly and J-Bear's night in while we had our night out.  I opened the freezer and found this: 

If you know me well at all, you probably know I enjoy ice cream. 

My Rules of Ice Cream Engagement are: 
  • Ice Cream - it isn't just for breakfast anymore!
  • Once I hit 70 years, I am eating ice cream every day!
  • You are never too full to eat ice cream.  It just melts and fills in any cracks in your too full belly!

But I have standards. 
  1. You don't put fake fruit in my ice cream.  
  2. While nuts have their place in food, ice cream just ain't one of the places.  
  3. You sure as he%% don't put marshmallows in anything you want me to consume.  

Because of Standard #2 and Standard #3 - Rocky Road Ice Cream is simply wrong. The Hubster and J-Bear know this and they use it against me.

The actual content of the container is truly delightful.

J-Bear asked me if daddy made the sign on the ice cream. 
I said yes. 

She replied "Boy, he really does well when he is writing his very best!" 

Guess she didn't get that I meant daddy made the sign on the computer!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Anniversary Shout-Out

Happy Anniversary to us!  Tomorrow (March 6th) is the Hubster and my 8th wedding anniversary.  We have even talked Molly into hanging with J-Bear so we can have a dinner date. 

Happy Anniversary, hon.  They have been the best years of my life!

An Inconspicuous Envelope

A very inconspicuous envelope arrived in the mail addressed to the Hubster.  The outside of the envelope simply states "Cards Enclosed.  Please do not bend."  

Inside it reads:  
Dear Mr. H, 
Our records show that you haven't yet registered for the valuable benefits of AARP membership, even though you are fully eligible.

I mentioned to the Hubster that he received an invitation to join AARP.  He said "No, I think that's the renewal for the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.)"   

Look again, dear.  The blue hairs are after you!  

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Artichoke Issue

Last night we were at Fred Meyer.  J-Bear spotted artichokes and began a campaign to convince me to get some.  Even at the outrageous out-of-season price they charge, it is pretty hard to not to oblige a child that is begging you to buy and serve a vegetable.

Yes, the girl L-O-V-E-S artichokes.  So do Panda and Poodaloo.  I think this is a phenomenon that cannot truly be explained!

However, there was an issue that neither of us thought about prior to the purchase.  J-Bear has no top front teeth.  The entire 'scraping the good stuff out of each leaf' thing was pretty entertaining to watch.  She figured out a way to work around the issue and enjoyed every bite of her 'spensive artichoke!

Editorial Note:  What's not to like about food where it is permissible to dip each bite in melted butter?

The White House

The discussions continue.

Just now, the Hubster and J-Bear were discussing the White House.  He explained that the current president lives there, but the former presidents do not.  They move out and go to their own home.

"I know why." J-Bear stated.
"Why?" the Hubster asked.
"Because there are not 44 beds.  Where would they all sleep?" she said.

Then he explained that not all the presidents could even be there because most of them are dead.

"That's because people have shooted them!" she added.

Friday, March 2, 2012

More Presidential Trivia

I was greeted at the door as I arrived home from work. 

"Mom, did you know there was a president that had 15 kids?  His name was John something Adams and he had 15 kids!" 

Yes, the presidential obsession continues. 

The other night, the Hubster was clearly on a mission looking for something.  Finally he found it.  It was a book he had as a child titled "Know Your Presidents and Their Wives".  It was written when Nixon was president.  It became quickly obvious that the Hubster sort of likes this president stuff, too. 

Let's say they share two obsessions now.  Dinosaurs and Presidents.

The book is very cool.  It has many notes written in childhood scrawl.  Things the Hubster thought worthy to note - like the death date of presidents that passed after the book was written. 

I am listening to the conversation as I write.  Things I have heard: 
  • That dude looks scary!
  • Has there ever been a girl president?  No.  Why not?
  • If that guy was president before cameras, how did they know what he looked like? 
  • Why do we need to know their wives?
  • J-Bear just hollered to me "I got my 'Johns' mixed up.  John Tyler had 15 kids and two wives.  It wasn't that John Quincy Adams guy."
Until about 2008, I could not have named a dinosaur other than T-Rex.  But after living with two dino freaks, I do fairly well speaking dinosaur-eeze. 

I have this deep gut feeling I am going to be relearning a lot of 'president stuff' now, too.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday Panda

Today is my niece Panda's 9th birthday.  Our tradition has been to go on an Aunt Shaw and Me shopping excursion.  We did that last Sunday, but I make her wait till her actual birthday and even wrap the gift. 

One of the shirts she selected for her gift

Her "Family Party" was held tonight at a Japanese restaurant where they cook your food there before your eyes.  It was great fun, yummy food, fabulous company (including the table beside us who also had three children about the same age as ours), and an entertaining chef!

The kids were fascinated with the fish pond in the restaurant.

The Hubster, Poodaloo, Panda, J-Bear, Kiss, and L

The Shrimp Flinging Chef
Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Stay tuned for an update on the 'Friends Party'.  It is a swimming pool party at the YMCA again this year.  Scheduled to be held March 10.  I will be making a mermaid cake.  Pictures to follow.