Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Tooth has Dislodged Itself

Even more unpleasantly hanging by a thread, that right-hand side front top tooth would not give up its place in her face. 

As we got ready for bed, J-Bear was bouncing on our bed.  Not actually an allowed activity, but she was sneaking some bouncing in while I brushed my teeth.  She sort of lost her balance and did a face plant into the sheets.  (Precisely why bouncing is not an allowed activity - I rest my case!)  When she sat back up, there on the bed lay her tooth. 

So in the end, she was determined to knock out that tooth, rather than pulling it out in a civilized manner.  As the mother of a 6-year old, I am frequently forced to say "Whatever it takes!"

She is not awake yet, so we do not actually know if the Tooth Fairy stopped by last night. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

James Madison

James Madison was the 4th President of the United States.  In office March 4, 1809 to March 4, 1817. 

It Isn't Easy Being Small

When you are a kitten, sometimes you get yourself into a predicament.  This teddy bear seemed pretty fun while it was sitting on the chair above her, but then it was not so fun anymore.  And the result was, well, a predicament.

Oh man!  This is bad, really bad!

Okay, maybe I can wiggle my way out of this mess!

I'm cool.  I wanted the bear on my back, really I did!
But most of the time you can find Dixie ruling her domain.  Such as: 

Being treated like the princess she truly is.  J-Bear stacked up two cat beds for her.

Who do you think is winning this argument?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another Busy Weekend

It started on Friday night.  Molly stopped by the house, since she was in the 'hood and had never met Dixie.  Dixie was not in the mood to meet a new friend and gave Molly a total cold shoulder, perhaps a few claw marks, and hid most of the visit.  (She really is a sweet cat, it is just hard to tell sometimes!)

After Molly left, J-Bear and the Hubster went outside to finish the kick ball game she and I were playing when Molly arrived.  The ball went over the fence into our yard and they went in after it.  As she passed by, J-Bear took a swing on the swing lying on her belly.

No one is exactly clear on what happened next.  She was dismounting, but she fell face first onto the green rubber swing seat.  Her lone remaining front tooth has been really sticking out as it was working its way out of her mouth.  Unfortunately it was the first face surface to come in contact with the swing.

She came racing in the house ahead of her dad and yells "I AM BLEEDING"!  I came around the corner and verified that yes, in fact, something on my darling daughter was bleeding.  But I could not tell if her hands were bleeding and she stuck them in her mouth.  Or if her mouth was bleeding and she got that blood on her hands.  But there was blood all over her mouth area and hands.

The lone front tooth is now really sticking out, hanging by a thread, and generally unpleasant to look at.  But if we try to work it, the bleeding starts again.  So working it is not allowed.

Saturday morning J-Bear and I attended a baby shower for Summer.  She is married to the Hubster's nephew and they are expecting a baby girl in early April.

The shower was held in a church in Emmett.  Emmett is a town of about 5000-6000 people about 30 miles from here.  We arrived, following our Googled map, on 1st street.  I said to J-Bear "There's a church" pointing to the first corner.  Then I realized there was a church on the opposite corner.  And a church at the end of that block.

After we identified the church that was our destination, I told J-Bear I was going to drive around the block to see if I could figure out the most obvious door through which to enter.  As we circled that one block, we spotted at least 3 other churches.  Yup - we saw 5 churches during our roundabout.  I think that Emmett must be the bible belt of the Treasure Valley.

Turns out we didn't need to scope out the church entrances.   We just followed the crowd of ladies all packing gifts in pink paper or pink gift bags.

The only 'good thing' about the entire face-planting-on-the-swing accident is a really wiggly tooth grosses her cousin Melissa out.  J-Bear learned this at the shower and used it against Melissa every chance she could!

We do not often get all gussied up on a Saturday.  Well, actually we don't often get all gussied up on any given day of the week.  J-Bear even asked me to curl her hair.  We must have gotten a good do on the hair, because more than one shower attendee complimented J-Bear on her hair.  Even some lady in line at Target complimented her hair, which J-Bear thought was weird.   


Sunday morning, I headed out to the Breakfast Club Meeting.  I have a group of girlfriends that meets once a month for breakfast and to catch up.  This time it was held at Diane's house, though we usually go to a restaurant.  A home setting makes for better visiting and visit we did.

I had a date after the breakfast with Panda, my niece who turns 9 on the 1st.  Our tradition for the last few years (ever since clothes have become more cool than toys) is to go shopping together and she picks her gifts.  She can get anything she wants, but has a spending budget.  I cover the cost of tax, so as to make the math a little easier.  It is an excursion we both look forward to each year, though she with a bit less patience than me.  She called and sent texts throughout the breakfast trying to get us to break it up faster.  

Panda and I ran into some friends of her family at Payless Shoes.  The daughter (same age) was also shopping for shoes.  At my encouragement, the girls tried on some grown up lady shoes with spike heels (bright red and sparkly gold) that must have been at least 6" high.  I wish you could have seen those two girls walking around in those heels while the four of us giggled!  They actually did much better than I could have, but it was pretty humorous to watch.

When I got home, I receive a scolding from J-Bear, combined with her best stink-eye look.  "Why were you gone SO long?!?!?!"  So I threw her in the van and off we went, so she could pick a gift for her cousin, too.

I am not a go-to-the-store shopper.  I am much more likely to click my way through consumerism.  I am exhausted!  So on that note, I shall bid you good night.

Tippy and Dixie Playing?

Having given up hissing and growling at Dixie every time she was even remotely in close proximity, I think Tippy has decided maybe the kid is kind of fun.  We have witnessed them playing together, but since he outweighs her by more than three times - we have to intervene sometimes for safety's sake. 

J-Bear took this picture this weekend.  I guess they were batting at each other from their perspective perches.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One of Those Stick and Dot Things

It has long been our routine for the three of us to lay in bed at night and read books to J-Bear.  Now that she can read, we choose a book (or two) for her to read to us, in addition to a couple we read to her. 

Last night she was reading "Spring is Here, the Ants All Cheer" at a highly elevated volume.  I finally pointed out we were right there with her, she didn't need to yell. 

"But mom, I am only reading the sentences with one of those stick and dot things at the end loud.  You are supposed to read sentences with a stick and dot thing loud and with excitement in your voice!" 

! ! ! You are correct, my dear! ! !

Who was the 4th President?

That darned school - they are always teaching her things!  President's Day is the most recent obsession. 

Doesn't she realize it has been more than 30 years since I studied that stuff?  Actually, I probably was in grade school when I really had to know the President names and order of election, so we are probably talking 40 years ago. 

I didn't know who the 4th President of the United States was, but I do now - thanks to the internet.  J-Bear and the Hubster are in the dining room as I write memorizing reading the list.  I bet dollars to donuts that she has all their names memorized in order by Sunday! 

So without looking it up, do you know who the 4th President of the United States was? 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Liberty Pride Update

I bet you were waiting on the edge of your seat, hoping I would finally update you on the Liberty Pride Luncheon we attended at J-Bear's school in January.  I think I already mentioned the principal let me down by not giving a 'great kids' kind of speech.  But I don't think I mentioned the lunch choices were, in my opinion, somewhat dismal.  I selected macaroni and cheese.  Let's just say my mac & cheese is far superior. 

I got caught in a situation that is very unusual for me...I forgot to take my camera.  So I have been at the mercy of the Liberty PTA people.  They took pictures of the kids and promised to email them to the parents.  Tonight the pictures arrived!

J-Bear and BL the Liberty Pride Kids from 1B for January 2012

We are so very proud of you, sweetie!

Monday, February 20, 2012


It's been years.  And years.  But the game Hangman is back in my life. 

J-Bear came home from school last week and announced she learned how to play Hangman.  She was trolling for a parent to play with her. 

We played for a while, but it came time to cook dinner.  So it was the Hubster's turn to step up to the plate.  Daddy-O explained that he could not really remember how to play.  No problem!  J-Bear explained the basics to him, then selected an easy word (all) to break him in on.
The Hangman juices began to flow and they were having a great time.  But you have to realize that an almost-7-year-old has a pretty limited able-to-spell vocabulary.  It was J-Bear's turn to think of the secret word.  She had used up her collection of easy-to-spell words.  She thought and thought. 

Finally she asked "Dad, does house have five letters?" 

The Hubster and I busted out laughing.  J-Bear had no idea what was funny. 

The Hubster answered her question "Yes, house has five letters, but you can't use that word now." 

"Why not?" she asked. 

We explained the situation and the game continued without using the word house. 

Today the Hubster found a Hangman game on the internet.  It saves on paper and helps with typing skills.  But the Hangman obsession really does have to be controlled! 

Photographing a Princess

Photographing a Princess.....it is more difficult than it sounds.

Yesterday, J-Bear was invited to an un-Birthday Party for her friend AR.  Her birthday was actually in the fall, but her 'Friends Party" didn't become a reality until now. The Hubster and I ran around doing errands and wasting time during the 2-1/2 hour party because it was clear across the valley and driving home didn't make sense.

We arrived during the grand finale when the girls were having a Tea Party with a Real Princess.
My Princess sipping tea....before she knew her mama was there with a camera
The girls all had on very fancy dresses, glamorously painted 
fingernails, up-do hair, and glitter everywhere.  
J-Bear and the UnBirthday Girl
J-Bear and Princess Rapunzel

Now back to the "Photographing a Princess.....it is more difficult than it sounds" part of this post.  I tried to get a picture of J-Bear's up-do and received absolutely no cooperation!
At least this one is a decent view of the missing front tooth!

State Girls Basketball

Troy High School's basketball team came to the valley to play in the 2012 Idaho High School Girls Basketball State Championships.  My friend Kelly's daughter TMJ is a Senior on Troy's squad, so we headed to Nampa to see the games.  
 Waiting for the starting line up to be announced
 The starting line up
The Trojans during a time-out
Thursday the Trojans defeated Grace (60-49), a team from south eastern Idaho's Caribou county.  This placed the ladies in a game against Lapwai on Friday night.  Lapwai plays in the same league as Troy and could be considered the arch rivals. 

Troy also defeated Lapwai (52-43) which placed the ladies in the State Championship Game against Prairie.  Prairie is another team from the same league up in northern Idaho that Troy and Lapwai play against during the regular season. 
My two "if they are gunna stick with me, you have to be Trojan fans" fans
 J-Bear and her new BFF Mary
More Trojan Fans:  Bill (TMJ's Grandpa), Mickey (back row TMJ's Dad), 
Marilyn (TMJ's Grandma) and Joni (Mary's mom). 
J-Bear with her favorite player
 The game against Prairie, held in the Idaho Center, was a very hard fought, physical game.  Troy lost (51-61).  I was very proud of the way the girls played.
The starting jump ball of the championship game Troy vs. Prairie

1AD1 Girls Tournament Results:
1st Prarie
2nd Troy
3rd Lapwaii

All three teams from the same league!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Things I Never Knew I Needed

I was in Bed, Bath, and Beyond to other day.  It is always dangerous entering that store because they sell thing I never knew I needed.  Take, for example, the Avo Saver. 

The theory being that if air does not reach the avocado flesh, the avocado will stay fresher.  I have often thought that using half an avocado is wasteful because the other half gets yucky before I get around to it.  Usually I make the 'ultimate sacrifice' and just eat the whole darned thing.

During Friday's lunch, I put half the avocado on my chicken sandwich.  I placed the other half pit down in the Avo Saver.  I fastened its little seat belt snugly.

Saturday morning at 8 AM, I did the unveiling. 

Research Results:
The avocado was not perfect, but I didn't really expect it to be.  When I cut it open, the inside was perfectly good and very usable.  I did have to remove the cut edge, but used the rest of the avocado.

Do I think it helped?  It probably helped some.

Will I use it again?  Of course I will.  I paid $3.99 for the darned thing because I just had to have it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

We wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day. 

It was a day of being surrounded by treats.  Brownies, cookies, cupcakes, more cookies, and that was just at my work.  In addition, J-Bear came home with a bag full of candy and treats from the school Valentine's party. 

I must make this post short.  I need to go upstairs, lay down, and moan about how full I am while I come down from my sugar high.  Catch you later. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Forgot His Hand

We were having our nightly "tell me something that happened at school today" conversation. 

" * Pete forgot his hand today."  The thought flashed through my mind that perhaps Pete's hand was at home lying on the kitchen counter.  But actually Pete just didn't raise his hand before speaking in class. 

"Mrs. H said Pete, you forgot your hand and she just called on someone that had their hand up." she explained.

Then with a most serious look on her face, she reminded me that sometimes Mrs. H calls on people that do not have their hand up.  A lesson she learned before Christmas, an appalling and seemingly unfair discovery for my girl that does not enjoy speaking in class. 

"She did that to me twice this week.  But lucky for me they were both math questions.  And since I got a math brain inside my head, they were easy-peasy for me to answer."

* The name was changed to protect the innocent.  Or maybe it is to protect the guilty in this case.  :)

100 Days of School

The elementary school celebrates the 100th Day of School each year.  I do not recall it being a noted celebration when I was in grade school, but that wasn't exactly yesterday so maybe it is just a weak memory. 

I was rummaging through the Pile-O-School-Work that comes home in J-Bear's backpack every Friday.  There was a really cool handmade book about 100.  The book itself is shaped like a 100.  It has about 5 pages with two fill-in-the-blank questions about 'things 100' on each page.  I would like to have 100 _______.  (Cats) I would not want 100 _______.  (Spiders)

There was one question that's answer made me laugh out loud.

When I am 100, I hope I can _________.

The answer?  Still move. 

Seems like a very reasonable thing to hope for.....if you live to 100. 

Listening at School

The other night, J-Bear was telling a story about school.  Apparently one of the boys didn't do his computer lab assignment correct.  Reportedly, Mrs. H is very good at knowing when a student was not listening. 

"Have you ever been caught not listening to Mrs. H?" I asked. 

J-Bear gave me the most horrified look, as if that would absolutely be THE worst thing in the world. "No way!  I ALWAYS listen.  But sometimes I just do not do what she said." 

The absolutely honestly of her answer made me smile.  At what age is it that we begin to embellish the truth?  At what age do you realize you probably should not tell your mother that you sometimes do not do what the teacher asks?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things That Make Me Go HUH???

I stopped at Winco on the way to work.  Bought some groceries and one their gift card/credit card-like things.  The young man that was scanning my purchases scanned the gift card and then carried on scanning my grocery items. 

I asked "How much money is on that gift card?" assuming it must have a pre-set amount since he didn't ask how much money I wanted to add.  (I silently thought 'how old-fashioned of Winco.  Nowadays these things can be for any amount.')

He looked at me as if I were insane and said "Oh!  Did you want to put money on it?"

Is it just me or is that a really stupid question?  Why the he%% would I be getting a gift card if I didn't want to put money on it?  I answered him graciously. 

I left Winco and took a route that lead me past the State of Idaho Capitol building.  The slight drizzle I experienced before entering Winco was now actually rain.  As I navigated the bizarre traffic pattern surrounding the capitol, my headlights caught a glimpse of  a person in the middle of the grass on the traffic island garden type area in front of the building. 

It was 7 AM and pitch dark.
It was raining.
It is February (last I checked).
This person was riding a stand-up riding lawn mower mowing the grass surrounding the capitol. 

In the dark, in the rain, in February - wouldn't you agree that just seems strange (at best)?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy is a busy lady when it comes to my girls.  Poodaloo and Panda seem to drop teeth right and left.  J-Bear has been a little behind the curve, so we are learning from their experience.  For example, it is apparently fairly common to swallow a tooth that dislodges say while you are eating (Poodaloo) or sleeping (J-Bear). 

J-Bear's front top teeth had been wiggling for what seems like months.  Last week, one of them really gave way.  We wiggled and wiggled it before bedtime Wednesday.  But ever since I used pliers to remove one of her teeth and accidentally caught some lip in the squeeze, I am not allowed to help tug.  The tooth wouldn't come out so we just went to bed.

Thursday morning, J-Bear races in as I stepped out of the shower "Mom, my tooth is gone and we can't find it in the bed!"  We stripped her bed and searched for said tooth, but we are about 99.9% certain it was not actually in her bed.  We are 99.9% certain it was in her stomach! 

Yes the Tooth Fairy does accept a note in place of a tooth.  We learned that when Poodaloo spent the night at our house after eating one of her teeth with lunch.  Or maybe it was the tooth she dropped in the van and we never could find it.  I can't remember now.  But the TF came through for Poodaloo, so J-Bear was certain she would come through for her too. 

Dear tothe faree
I swoled my toth
I hope tats ok
By  (as in good-bye)

I pointed out that there was a lot of room left on the paper, maybe she should sign it.  So she added. 

The note is finished.

I tried to take a picture of my darling toothless daughter that shows off the gaping hole in her mouth.  That's something I love about a blog.  I can fill it with pictures and not worry about your in-box getting filled.  So when I did the J-Bear Report, you only got to see the good pictures.  Now you get to see just how many pictures I take before I get *the one!

You were looking a little too far down on that one, can we try again?

That one is better, but you leaned in too close to the camera and the flash washed out your face.  
Can we try again?

Getting tired of pictures - so let's refuse to even show our teeth!

That one will have to do though I can't even really find the words to describe it!

*Sometimes I do not actually get 'the one' as witnessed in this series of pictures!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Photo Shoot

I purchased matching dresses for the girls for Christmas.  Each dress its own lovely jewel tone.  The dresses just called out to me "We need to be in a photo shoot!"  So I arranged for my friend Peggy to come take some pictures of the girls.  We curled hair, we put on make up (just a little!) and were ready when Peggy arrived.

BUT someone slipped a 'stinker pill' to my darling daughter right before the shoot.  She was goofy, she was ornery, she wouldn't produce a 'nice smile' for anything!

The goofy was a bit contagious and . . . . well it's probably easier to explain in pictures.

You get this,
and this,
and this,
before you get this.....
Poodaloo and Panda

Then you get this
and this

and this
 before you get this
Poodaloo and J-Bear

You get this 
and this
before you get this - a fairly decent picture....

Poodaloo, our friend J, J-Bear, and Panda

By the end, you just ask for goofy!

But we really did get some good pictures.  And my goal - a collage frame of pictures for my sister - turned out beautifully!
                   Boo-Rah, J-Bear, and the Hubster

My heartfelt thank you goes out to Peggy for putting up with us!