Monday, January 30, 2012

Dixie takes a dip!

I heard some giggling.  Then foot-falls heading toward me in the computer room. 

"Mom!  Mom!  Dixie just fell into the toilet.  Maybe we should have named her *S *H *I *T *T *E *R *!"

My jaw fell to the floor, my eyeballs flew open in surprise.  "Sweetie, where did you learn that word?" I asked. 

"Somebody told me it is a name for a toilet.  Is that not true?"  she asked. 

I explained it was true, it is a name for a toilet.  Just not a very nice name. 

J-Bear explained she knew that *S - H - I - T* was a bad word, but she thought the *E - R * on the end made it okay to say. 

Nope it doesn't.  And nope, we didn't change the cat's name. 

* I tried to disguise the bad word so that no bad web services find my blog.  I hope it works. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

She shall be dubbed Miss Dixie Squirt Houxxxxxx

We have finally named the No Name Cat.  Dixie.  At least that is what we are trying to remember to call her.  Actually, I call her Miss Dixie, but it has not caught on throughout the household.

We selected Squirt for her middle name (What?  Don’t your animals have middle names?) because we still call her that, too.  J-Bear was campaigning hard for Squirt to be her actual name, but the voice of reason worked for once.  When you stop to think my cats are known to live between 15-20 years, it just seems wrong to be calling an elderly feline Squirt in 2030 when she moves into ‘the home’ with the Hubster and I. 

We still do not know where she hid out the first dreadful day.  We have found several of her hidey-holes, but not THE hidey-hole.  She is a fairly social cat, but likes to remove herself from the crowd when a nap attacks her. 

Tonight she was in the scrapbooking room with us right in the middle of things. 

We think she likes living with us.  On Thursday, she is having ‘female surgery’.  We will see if she still loves us after that experience. 

The Week in Review 1/29/2012

The week has been busy, by our standards anyway.  Last Sunday, J-Bear and I joined the ladies for the Breakfast Club.  We gather once a month at a local restaurant to catch up and chat.  I do not normally take my child the ladies breakfast club meetings.  But I had plans to attend a play and dinner with a friend that afternoon, so the Mommy Guilt got the best of me and I took her to breakfast with me.  She did very well.  We brought coloring pages and each lady in attendance received an autographed piece of art at the end of our meal. 

On Tuesday, the Hubster and I attended the Liberty Pride celebration.  The lunch with the principal part was somewhat of a letdown.  I expected a ‘great kids’ speech.  The only words out of his mouth were to explain why there was a sign stating “Watch your step” near the steps down to the sunken reading cove in the library.  Apparently he didn’t watch his step once and fell into the cove.  Yup – that was all he said. 

But the kids thought eating in the library was cool.  They took a picture of J-Bear and her classmate that was also a Liberty Pride kid, which they promised to email to the parents.  To date it has not arrived in the in-box and I am not holding my breath.  The true highlight of the day was going out to recess after lunch and witnessing skipping one on the monkey bars. 

On Wednesday, I had a surprise invitation for lunch.  My friend Sudie (pronounced Sue-Dee), whom I worked with in the mid to late 1990's, was in town.  I rarely read home email from work, but I did that day.  And there as an email from her asking if I could do lunch.  I could!  We met and gabbed and gabbed.  It sure didn't feel like 15 years since we had seen each other.  

I was telling the family about my lunch at dinner that night.  I said "My friend Sudie was in town and we went to ...."  J-Bear interrupted "SuuuuWhatDidYouSay??"  That's how I felt the first time I heard her name.  As she says, the name is a blessing and a curse all at the same time.

On Friday night, we headed to a Melba Mustangs basketball game.  Our great nephew plays ball for the Mustangs.  He is very good.  As J-Bear said it “Those Mustangs would have had a lot less points if it wasn’t for Tucker!”  The opponents were a rival team, so the gym was packed and extremely warm.  The Mustangs have a very entertaining and enthusiastic announcer.  He could compete with any announcer I have ever heard at a sporting event. Sadly, the Mustangs were not victorious but we enjoyed a very close game and seeing the family. 

The weekend was full of errands, housework, scrapbooking, and playing at the park.  It was simply lovely here today.  And you all will be relieved to know that my supply of red scrapping paper has officially been restocked. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Jingle Goes On

J-Bear and I were out an about today.  Several stops, many errands.  As always, the chatter is non-stop. 

I was informed that Jingle Bells is not actually a Christmas song.  There isn't even one mention of Christmas in the words.  It is a winter song and we are only halfway through winter.  (How does she know that?  Darned school!)

So . . . . the listening pleasure continues. 

She also knows a Halloween version.  The challenge today was trying to actually get through the Halloween version of Jingle Bells without getting mixed up with the not-Christmas-winter version of the song.  Sadly, she was never successful. 

Yes....the listening pleasure continues. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Hate No Name Cat

Tippy here. 

I am the black furry one in the picture below.  I used to be the kids favorite.  Admittedly, that fact came with some issues of its own.....but I digress....
Last Friday, my humans totally destroyed life as I knew it.  They brought "No Name Cat" home.  She is cute.  She is small.  She is sweet.  She is annoying.  She is obnoxious.  She is everywhere.  I turn around and that pest is there.  I hate her.

They were even feeding her food soaked in warm water ON THE COUNTER the first few days.  They were afraid the pipsqueak wasn't eating.    

I growl and hiss every time I see her.  I even seek her out just so I can growl and hiss some more.  She totally ignores me.  She isn't the slightest bit afraid of me.  Doesn't she realize I outweigh her by about 10 pounds?  I could sit on her and that would be the end of my problem. 

Please don't tell my humans, but the real problem .... the true core of the entire issue .....  I am absolutely terrified of her.  But please, PLEASE don't tell anyone.  Okay? 

Only 2 red ones?

I have a scrapbooking habit.  It has gotten worse since my daughter has taken an interest. 

We were upstairs scrappin' last weekend when I noticed I am a tad bit low on red paper.  It is important to have a variety of shades in any given color.  Very critical to find just the right shade.  So I decided I must find a different source for scrapping paper.  Buying it at the same store, and therefore purchasing the same brand all the time just doesn't provide the best shade selection. 

I found  They have very reasonable prices, carry a different brand than any scrapping supply stores in our city, and if you order $xx you get shipping free.  Free shipping on paper is a very important perk and will win my business for sure. 

I picked 'brights' and 'pastels' and 'earthtones'.  We are talking more than 100 sheets of scrapping paper and there were exactly 2 sheets of red.  Two sheets of the exact same red.  Oh well, guess I will just have to go shopping!

In the meantime, I have enough brown to wall paper a room.  If you need any acid free brown paper, just let me know.  We can probably even arrange free shipping. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chicken Sitting

J-Bear and I have a new skill set to list on our resume - Chicken Sitting.  Our new neighbor, who is a friend of a friend and now our friend, has a one-eyed, lame chicken named Goldie.  Goldie's human travels some on weekends.  We were first called to duty over Christmas.  Goldie thrived under our care so I guess we passed the Chicken Sitting test. 

We are currently wrapping up weekend number two as chicken sitters.  Goldie has been very productive this weekend.  I believe we scored five eggs!

Some time in her past, Goldie survived a predator that gained access to the chicken coop at her former residence.  In the attack, she broke her left leg and lost the sight in her right eye. 

I am not fond of chickens (bad childhood experience....but I don't dislike chickens like I hate balloons due to another bad childhood experience.)  As far as chickens go - Goldie is a fairly cool, rather harmless one.  

 Goldie's Castle
Goldie - that's her good eye for those of you that are the type to check such things
 J-Bear displaying our payload for today

Over Christmas break, J-Bear was obsessed fanatical fixated really enthusiastic about singing Jingle Bells.  I bet she sang it no less than 100,000 times in a 6 week period. 

Okay, maybe only 50,000 times. 

One day they sang it in class and Mrs. H told the kids"I don't want anyone to sing Batman smells or Santa smells." 

When J-Bear told me this she added "I didn't even know there was a Santa Smells song." 

I didn't know the words to "Santa Smells" and one night she actually talked me into looking on the internet for the words.  You really can find anything on the internet.  Let's just say the Santa Smells version is not a kid-friendly version.  It involves Rudolph using a 22 pistol on the old guy. 

J-Bear made up her own personal version of the song:
Jingle Bells, Tippy smells
Goldie laid an egg.
Mom's mobile lost a wheel
And Malcolm ran away.

I like it much better than the Santa Smells versions I found on the internet.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vanishing Act

In approximately our 21st hour of owning the No Name Cat, she disappeared.  Granted, we had a houseful of kids and No Name was very popular.  More popular than a kitten who lived with only adults and a gob of animals up until Friday wanted to be.

We didn't sweat it while the cousins were here because who could blame her?  After they left, we organized a search party and looked.  And looked.  We reorganized our search party and looked some more.  And looked.  We finally decided to eat dinner.  A sad dinner filled talking about all the gory possibilities.  Like she got outside somehow.  Or she was stuck somewhere inside the house.

After dinner, we all looked again. Then J-Bear and I sat in the rocker, snugged and had a good cry.  How could we possibly have lost the %^$# cat within the first 24 hours of owning her?  We contemplated what we should tell Joni, the nice lady that gave us No Name.

We were both exhausted from all the searching and crying and decided to go to bed.  We were lying in bed reading stories to J-Bear when the Hubster hollers from downstairs "There she is!!!!"  She appeared from nowhere and was standing in the middle of the living room floor.

We have no idea where No Name hung out for 7-8 hours.  We truly turned this house upside-down (about three times) and could not find her.  So the bummer part is she could do this to us again.

I have taken at least 50 pictures of no name trying to get a nice face shot.  So far, no dice.
 The last second look down and sniff something trick!
 The turn and walk away trick!

What's that???
 I swear there is something over there!
 Even using the snapping human fingers trick won't get me to look at the camera!
 Hee hee hee, I looked away just in time again!
Dang!  I gotta look.  The kid is putting the squeeze on me for the mom!

You may have noticed, No Name Cat doesn't have a name yet.  Things we are considering (though some not seriously, or at least not seriously by the grown-up voice of reason!) are: 
Vanna  (since she does a great vanishing act)

Maybe by the end of the weekend, she will have a name.  And maybe by the end of the weekend, Tippy will stop growling and hissing at her! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome No Name Cat

We done gone and got ourselves a new kitten. I have been talking about a new kitten since November.  Been working on the hubster.  Getting him used to the idea that I am just not a one cat type gal. 

J-Bear's big wish for Christmas was a new kitten.  We tried.  We dashed out to the Humane Society on Christmas Eve to surprise our girl.  But it turns out the Humane Society was 'sold out' of kittens and only had about 5 cats on Christmas Eve. 

They told us to come back after the first of the year.  People would bring back some of the kittens they adopted.  And some litters of kittens were going to be old enough 'soon'.  So we waited a couple weeks.  Still no kittens at IHS. 

So I put the word on the streets.  I emailed some of my pet-friendly friends.  Told them my criteria: 

Female (in hopes that Tippy would be more accepting of the intruder)
Short-haired (while I loved my Alley G. Cat, I always strongly disliked her long hair!)
Less than 4 months old

To quote a once-famous song "two out of three ain't bad!"

Introducing Dusty.  Or maybe Purry.  Or maybe something entirely different.  So far, she is a no name cat.  We decided Mimi, the name she had, was out.  She is a she.  She has very soft, sleek, beautifully short hair.  But she is 6 months old. 

Boo-Rah holding the new addition who is lookin' a little afraid!

No Name Cat and J-Bear

The theory that getting a girl would make Tippy more accepting is not really proving out.  He is grumpy and stalking her just to get extra hissing in.  She climbed under the entryway table to hide from him.  Who knew a cat could smoosh down to about 3" tall?  (Ignore the dirt, dust, and woozles under the table!)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's Snowing!

Winter seems to have arrived in the area.  We have had little make that NO snow so far this year.  But today it is catching up for the entire winter season with a good dumping.  This is my deck 2 hours into the storm.  Who knows where the day will is still snowing!

Our dog, Malcolm, will be 15 years old in May.  He has always been a fair weather kind of guy.  Never one to really want to romp in the snow, rain or cold.  He just asked to outside.  I let him out the back door, onto the back deck, with steps down into the backyard.

With a deck covered in about 4" of snow, I thought to myself "He is going to pee on the deck."  Sure enough, he hiked not more than 18" from the back door.  (No, you can't see that in the picture.  That would be gross, even by my standards!)

Being a senior citizen and all, I can't say I blame him.  But then he walked over to the stairs and went down.  And spent a good 2-3 minutes out in the yard doing dog things.  Whatever dog things are.  Apparently relieving himself in an obscure location isn't one of those dog things today. 

Now he is back to his spot.  On the chair, smooshing the cushions.

Liberty Pride Kid

We received notice yesterday that J-Bear was selected as a "Liberty Pride" kid.  They select a child each month from each grade level.  Since there are three first grades in her school, she was selected from about 60-70 kids.

They announce your name over the loud speakers during the morning announcements.  You receive a Liberty Pride certificate.

"You are recognized for your positive attitude and ability to display characteristics of Liberty Pride during the 2011-2012 school year.  Congratulations on being the pride of Liberty!  The teachers, students, and PTA at Liberty Elementary are proud of you!"

Your parents are so proud of you too, sweetie!

You are honored for a day, including having your parents attend lunch with you AND the principal.  I have never eaten lunch with the principal before.  I hope I can be on my best behavior!

A Joke

At dinner a few nights ago, J-Bear told a joke.  It is the first time she has told a joke that actually made me honestly laugh.  Usually her jokes are something like this:

Knock knock.
Who is there?
Orange who?
Orange rock.

Not particularly funny, but in good "Knock Knock Joke" format at least.  So here is the joke from dinner the other night:

Why did the dog cross the road?
To get to the BARKING lot!

The Cast of Characters

Everyone says do not use real names when blogging.  I may find it impossible to maintain, but I will try using aliases.  Let me introduce you to the main cast of characters.  I may introduce other characters as time goes on.  
Boo-Rah - that would be me, the one that has Mommy Magic in her bones
The Hubster - my main man for over 8 years.
J-Bear - my almost 7 year old daughter
Tippy - the cat
Malcolm - the dog
Kiss - my sister
L - my brother-in-law
Panda - my almost 9 year old niece
Poodaloo - my 6 year old niece

As I earlier alluded to, I have been writing a monthly email "J-Bear Report" once a month for years.  Actually I started writing it so long ago that it was then called the "Boo-Rah Report".  But once my daughter came along, I realized the report is really about her and I changed the name.

I have found that at times I wanted an opportunity to write my thoughts and ideas about 'stuff' more often than once a month, but I don't really want to fill up in-boxes more frequently than that.  So I will try blogging.  Wish me luck! 

Welcome to my blog!  I am stepping into the brave world of blogging, which may someday replace the monthly email report I send to family and friends.  I used the name "It's Mommy Magic" because that is what I sometime tell my daughter when she doesn't understand how I know something or how I know how to do something.  "It's Mommy Magic".  She doesn't really believe I have magic (she once told me only Santa really has magic!) but it generally averts trying to explain something I cannot explain!